Christmas poem

Got a new keyboard today so I am back at my usual pace… ūüėČ Read this out loud for best effect… JW You‚Äôd never guess from looking the name they hung on him at his birth I guess it wasn‚Äôt what you‚Äôd maybe expect it was Johnathan William Hinklesworth Now, that‚Äôs a purty long nameContinue reading “Christmas poem”

This, is what we need to do…

What I have thought all along, use fire to fight fire… it would work… The Wild Boars Gambit Have you ever been chased by a wild boar? I was, once, as a kid. It was pretty terrifying. And I’m relatively certain that was a domestic hog that had escaped, and in a year orContinue reading “This, is what we need to do…”


Woke up to a wet world this morning. Wonderful stuff. got a few flakes also today and some drizzle. Just what the doctor ordered. It is cool but it is supposed to warm back up in a few days. This will sure help the coughing livestock! Thanks God! Here are a few shots Raymond andContinue reading “Rain!”

Back to facts…

Farm (ranch) productivitey Compared¬†to¬†1950‚Ķ‚Ķ ! If¬†same¬†farm¬†productivity¬†as¬†1950,¬† only¬†feed¬†half of¬†current¬†U.S.¬† population¬†‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ‚Ķ. ! No¬†food¬†for:¬† CA,¬†TX,¬†NY,¬†FL,¬†IL,¬†PA,¬†OH,¬†MI,¬†GA. Compared¬†to¬†1950‚Ķ‚Ķ ! Conventional¬†beef¬†cattle:¬† 2/3‚Äôs¬†less¬†CO 2,¬†land¬†and¬†feed¬†required ! Dairy¬†cattle:¬† 63%¬†more¬†milk¬†with¬†58%¬†fewer¬†cows,¬† 70%¬†less¬†manure 65%¬†less¬†water 90%¬†less¬†land 63%¬†less¬†CO 2 U.S.¬†cattle¬†farmers¬†&¬†ranchers¬† provide¬†25%¬†of¬†the¬†world‚Äôs¬†beef¬† with¬†10%¬†of¬†the¬†cattle 85%¬†of¬†U.S.¬†grazing¬†land¬†is¬† unsuitable¬†for¬†crop¬†production Globally,¬†beef¬†cattle¬†consume¬†just¬† 5%¬†of¬†total¬†grain¬†production And if your worried about Global Warming…. Livestock¬†accounts¬†for¬†less¬†than¬†3%¬† of¬†U.S.¬†greenhouse¬†gas¬†emissions Open¬†space¬†‚Äď primarily¬†managed¬†by¬† cattlemen¬†‚Äď provides¬†habitat¬†¬†for¬†¬† 75%¬†of¬†America‚Äôs¬†wildlife

And some more facts

Interesting findings from a report on 60 Minutes 60 minutes sugar Dr. Robert Lustig Gary Taubes Sugar: >150 pounds per capita Beef: 58 pounds per capita And here is what the Bible said about what to feed honord guests… Genesis¬†18:¬†7¬≠8 Abraham¬†also¬†ran¬†to¬†the¬†herd,¬†and¬†took¬†a¬†tender¬†and¬†choice calf¬†and¬†gave¬†it to¬†the¬†servant,¬†and¬†he¬†hurried¬† to¬†prepare¬†it.¬† He¬†took¬†curds¬†and¬†milk¬†and¬†the¬†calf¬†which¬†he¬†had¬†prepared,¬† and¬†placed¬†it before¬†themÕ嬆and¬†he¬†was¬†standing¬†by¬† them¬†under¬†the¬†tree¬†as¬†they¬†ate. Hmmm, beef! Not veggies! Or tofu! AndContinue reading “And some more facts”

More fun facts…

Since 1950‚Äôs: Recommended diets from academia, MD‚Äôs and government: Low Fat/High Carb‚Ķno red meat, no saturated fat Results¬†of¬†50¬†years¬†of¬†‚Äúlow¬†fat/high¬†carb‚Ä̬†diet¬†strategies ! 15% of children between 6 and 19 are overweight ! 70% of Americans are overweight “¬Ĺ of this figure is nearing obese! 19 million adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (1/2 of all adult Native Americans)!Continue reading “More fun facts…”