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Got a new keyboard today so I am back at my usual pace… ūüėČ

Read this out loud for best effect…


You’d never guess from looking
the name they hung on him at his birth
I guess it wasn’t what you’d maybe expect
it was Johnathan William Hinklesworth

Now, that’s a purty long name
for just a tiny little feller
maybe he got it when Doc whacked his butt
cuz’ he let out a big man’s beller

Johnathan William was an elf
guess that sort’er maybe explains his size
but other than that and them pointy ears
he looked like one a the guys

He was like most little tykes
fightin’ with siblings and goin’ to school
runnin’ an’ wrasslin’ with his buddies and friends
actin’ rowdy and thinkin’ they’s cool

But the thing about ol’ JW
well… that‚Äôs what he called his self
was that he wanted adventure and action
more than your typical elf

He yearned to head down west
see… he lived way up north
he wanted to ride broncs and rope wild cattle
rodeo on the Fourth

There’d never been no elf cowboys
heck, they don’t run cattle way up there
horses was scarce as hen’s teeth
just snow and cold arctic air!

Like a kid raised in the city
he got by with books and TV shows
watching Roy and Gene and Lash LaRue
frustrated by cold and the snows

Made do with what he had
forged spurs from old rusty metal he found
built chaps out of a ratty ol’ walrus hide
Mama had left layin’ around

Asked Santa Claus for a Stetson
got it for Christmas, the very next year
order’d him a pony, but typical cowboy
his check just didn’t clear

You can’t keep horses at the Pole
there ain’t no hay or oats or grass
he got a Bruce Grant book on how to braid stuff
just to help the time pass

Braided a reindeer reata
70 foot long and it was a dandy
and after he practiced quite a spell
I tell you, he got plumb handy

But then he got into trouble
he was caught ropin’ ol‚Äô Santa‚Äôs deer
snubbin‚Äô ‚Äėem up to an old sled runner
that had frozen up that year

Pleaded his case with St Nick
told him, cowboyin’ was all he wanted to do
so Santa thought it over for a spell
made JW stew

Then Santa made an announcement
said he was just callin’ a spade a spade
nothin’ to do but send him him down south
he could learn the cowboy trade

See, Santa knows lots a cowboys
they all owe Santa a great big debt
so he made a few calls and shipped the boy out
learn to cowboy, you bet!

That’s how it come to be
this little feller from way up at the North Pole
learned to rope and ride from the very best
too bad he learned to chew Skoal!

Now JW’s back up there again
ropin’ and trainin’ and swallerforkin’ ears
only difference ‚Äėtween him and his southern friends?
he’s doin’ it with reindeers!

He’s finally found his niche
Buckaroo boss on the North Pole spread
mostly ropin’ and trainin’ them reindeer
to pull ol’ Santa’s sled

But now he’s got a new plan
called me last night, he’d been drinkin’ beer
put in an order for a custom made saddle
and it’s got’a fit a reindeer!

It’s got to be the right size
better be tuff, but light as air
bet he had a gleam in his beady little eyes
he’s gunn’a rope him a polor bear!


Robert Dennis 12/12
Picture by Lee Stevens

What I have thought all along, use fire to fight fire… it would work…

The Wild Boars Gambit
Have you ever been chased by a wild boar? I was, once, as a kid. It was pretty terrifying. And I’m relatively certain that was a domestic hog that had escaped, and in a year or so in the forest had reverted to his natural Lord of the Flies ethos. Kept me up a tree for two hours, at any rate.

Which brings me to my sermon. Man against the State. Man against the State. Man always loses that battle. Even in groups he is impotent against a Leviathan. As much as I admire the Tea Parties, the solution is not to send like minded souls to Washington. It is a corrupting wasteland, and they will either succumb, or be voted out for not bringing that fat, sweet bacon home. Because the same Man who votes for that fiscal hawk also, inexorably, still wants his bacon. He just doesn’t want ne’er-do-wells in blue states to have his bacon. Besides, sending a Tea Partier to Washington is like sending your preacher into a whorehouse to clean it up. He’s going to emerge in drunken stupor, without his pocket watch and Bible, and with a red wax ring around his willie.

No, I think, the solution is not tilting against the windmill that is the DC blob. It is in federalism. Real 10th Amendment federalism. States against the Leviathan. We all know the Constitution strictly enumerated the federal government’s powers, and seeded the enormity of powers to the states. But Leviathan has been gobbling up those rights for 100 years, using a carrot and stick approach of funding bribes and the Commerce Clause. And each state has individually weakened, and capitulated.

But, what ho? The GOP now holds a large majority of governorships and statehouses. That election wasn’t a blowout, and the Republicans control a lot of field level power. One man cannot beat back Leviathan, but 29 governors and statehouses can. If they coordinate, and play by the left’s rules. Select specific areas where the federal government has usurped power, from education to highway construction to Medicaid allocations to, hell, drug laws, and sue the piss out of Leviathan’s minions. Sue, sue, sue. Alinsky them.

Sue the EPA, sue the Interior Department, sue the Department of Health and Human Services. Sue the cabinet members individually. Sue czars. Find sympathetic federal courts and drag those czars’ asses into court. Sue as groups of states, sue as individual states. Just file hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits. Most will be swept away by invoking immunity and the supremacy clause, but not all. At some point Leviathan will have to allocate resources. Pick their battles. Toss a few bones. Here’s a thought: if five or six western states sue to allow energy exploration on federal lands some federal judge is eventually going to give them their day in court. The Supreme Court’s mighty firewall could actually be a blessing here. Many appellate court decisions could be upheld.

Which brings me back to wild pigs. Being chased by one wild boar is a horrifying thing. Being chased by 25 could cause some serious hysteria in the Gilded City. Tip O’Neill famously said “All politics is local.” True as far as it goes. Just remember: your governor is your neighbor, even if you have to travel to the Big City. He’s a hell of a lot more local than your representative in Congress, who only comes home to run for reelection.

Here’s an experiment: form some bullshit committee committed to saving the loggerhead turtles, or protecting abused women. Call your Governor’s offices and request an audience. It might be six months, but you will get a breakfast, or a luncheon, or a photo op. This person still has to work the hamlets of Smut Eye, Alabama and Blue Balls, Pennsylvania and Santa Claus, Georgia. He isn’t that distant Senator getting his horndog on in the DC.

Ten governors and 10,000 activists could change the world. Bring that power back to the states. Neuter Leviathan. And this isn’t about “state’s rights,” or whatever euphemism passes for racism these days. It’s about taking back what belongs to our states. To us. Forget Congress. Spend a day roaming your state house. Make a few friends. Buy the aides a beer after session. Get inside their heads. Let them know you’re going forward with or without them.

We’ve lost a few states irrevocably. California’s dead as a doornail. It’s just like East Germany now. Except gays can window shop in the nude, and there is no Iron Curtain or Berlin Wall keeping sane people from fleeing California. But the Stasi is still there. The same old crowd. They just wear nipple rings now.

Jersey’s toast, of course. But even New York has Wall Street. If they can smell power devolving to Albany those greedheads will be on board. I love the pure heart of a true capitalist. When I’m not hating on them for actually being crony capitalists. Which is what they really are. They’ll merely rent-seek in Albany rather than DC. So, on second thought, scratch New York. Buy your securities in London.

I haven’t enumerated much in the way of particular issues, but I will. I’m having enough trouble writing a preamble whilst getting my damn drink on. And, oh: never underestimate a local politician’s opportunity to grab some power from someone else up the food chain. Use that as a tactical weapon. After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about being a wild boar.

Hope and I had to run into the hills to get pipe for their trailer house project today and a doc appointment for Sam, so I took the opportunity to get my drivers license renewed. I knew all the stuff you were supposed to take along (damn you people who changed our mundane lives so drastically ) so that I could do this, as my birthday is coming up in January (please send all cards with money enclosed, preferably large denominations…and condolences, to me, at my address… ūüôā )

Got to the place, Hope and kids waited while I went in. Took my number, filled out all the paperwork and waited in line. My turn comes and the lady tells me my social security card I have carried all my life is not valid…. also, seeing as I was not born in this country, I had to have my naturalization papers, even tho’ I had what I was told was a valid proof I was in fact a citizen in good standing…

I go to the SS office and they tell me that they can not get me a replacement for my card until I show them my naturalization papers…. ahhh, bureaucracy how I curse thee!!!!

We did some other stuff and stopped at the courthouse in Sturgis to try and figure out where to look for my paperwork. Katy (lovely women whom I’ve known for years and is married to one of my best friends) took it upon herself to make a call.

Short story is, supposedly they have changed things since they sent me my latest papers and the lady told her how to fix it! So…. if all works as it is supposed to, I shall be able to get my license renewed.

A thought occurred to me, on this the day we all exercise out right to vote (if you didn’t you are a wuss, a weanie and a twerp of the highest order!) that it is now harder for a legal citizen of this country to renew their drivers license than it is for a man to run for the presidency!

Also, I can not possibly see how we can have any illegal aliens here if they stop a man who has lived here since he was a small child, never been incarcerated, never hardly had even a traffic ticket ( there was that one small indiscretion late at night while driving home from a dismal calf sale with my mother as a passenger, many, many years ago) or done anything even slightly unlawful and having to go thru’ all this crap just to get to legally drive!

Woke up to a wet world this morning. Wonderful stuff. got a few flakes also today and some drizzle. Just what the doctor ordered. It is cool but it is supposed to warm back up in a few days. This will sure help the coughing livestock! Thanks God!

Here are a few shots Raymond and Mick got this weekend. I talked to a nice lady in Iowa the other day who told me she reads this blog often and really enjoys the photo’s so I will try a little harder to post more of them, more often. As always, clicking on the photo’s should make them larger…

Wonderful writing. Check it out It’s on the list on the side now….

When someone much wiser than I writes something very profound I like to share it on here. Usually with a link to where you can read it. this is so outstanding that I thought I should share it in it’s entirety…from someone who I admire for his many fine qualities…

“Among the many blessings I am finding in my new parish is the ability to reconnect with a handful of college (and slightly post-college) men and women from Spearfish with whom I have had various forms of interaction over the past several years. Some were confreres in World Youth Day adventures, others I have known through the diocesan Duc in Altum program, and still others have been volunteers at Totus Tuus camps and the like.

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to share a lengthy conversation with one of these young men. It was deeply refreshing. The dialogue was adult, intelligent (especially my portion of it), concerned with significant matters, and imbued with the perspective of faith. It was like drinking cold water on a hot day. By the end of the night we had moved from speculation about the association between poverty and joy to the nature of human dignity to discernment of ones vocation to health care in the United States to the nature of dysfunction in families, and finally to the question of how one must at the same time learn to be satisfied with oneself while simultaneously desiring to become saintly. I have been thinking about that final question a great deal.

We are endowed with profound dignity. First and foremost, we have been created in God’s image and likeness. This fact alone bestows upon us worth beyond any other part of creation. God, however, is not satisfied that we should just be like Him as a result of our creation. Thus, through Jesus Christ, at the time of our baptism, we are adopted as the Sons of God. In Baptism, we are made sharers in His passion, death, and resurrection. It is given to our souls to bear the imprint of Christ. From these, we become citizens of Heaven, and what is more, we become princes of the Kingdom of God. Because we have become members of a royal court, our dignity demands that we receive nothing less than the very best life has to offer. Thus, we are able to say with great impunity that sin is beneath our dignity; it is less than what we have come to deserve as a result of the action of grace in our lives.

Recognizing God’s mercy in having elevated us to such great dignity, we are likewise forced to confront our wretchedness. I cannot know God’s love for me unless I first confront how little I deserve it. I commit a thousand little acts every day that bespeak my own pitiable state. In coming to recognize the poor state of affairs in which I find myself, I am left with two options: I might choose to abandon hope, knowing my own miserableness. I might choose to give myself over to a life of wretchedness and sin, believing I deserve no better. Each of us knows someone in whom this despair exists or has existed. In an alternative scenario, though, to see my own sin clearly and in light of God’s love for me might also move me to a profound experience of gratitude. I might discover that I deserve the very best in life precisely because God has determined that I deserve the very best in life. It has nothing to do with my capacity to be good. It has nothing to do with my ability to accomplish this task or that. It has nothing to do with my human faculties at all. I have nothing to prove. I am good because God has deigned to call me good, and to choose me for himself. I deserve good because he suffered and died that I might have it.

This is a dangerous proposition on the Lord’s part. If I choose despair, He must, in justice, allow me to pursue the ill that will follow as a result. But, if I choose His love in freedom, I become free to be the person He has made me to be, and He has won the victory for me.

Given each of these facts, we arrive at the question at hand. How do I deal with the fact that though I know who I have been made to be, I continue to exist in the reality of my own brokenness, my sinfulness, my weakness, and my folly. How do I deal with the fact that I am imperfect without returning to the possibility of despair or becoming neurotic? How to address my humanness? To my mind, at least in theory, the answer is relatively simple: God has given everything to me. Nothing I have to offer is sufficient for repayment. As a result, I must offer everything that I have. That means that even though I am sinful, even though I am broken, even though I am a fool, I cannot cling to these things. I must make an offering of my entire self in return to the Lord. If I am doing this, if I am not intentionally grasping after those things that prevent me from becoming the man God has created me to be, I am giving as I should. Perhaps another way to say this is that while I admit my sinfulness and strive continually to overcome it, I do not allow myself to be defined by it. I recognize that I am more than the sum of my faults, and I have the patience and wisdom to admit that I am a work in progress. I do not simply submit to my sin, surrendering to the assumption that it will always be with me, but I am also gentle enough to know that to become holy takes time.

The balance is delicate. I fight myself daily on the one hand, while consoling myself daily on the other. This is what virtue is, after all – to pursue excellence, understanding that excellence is the mean between two extremes, but never mediocrity. Thus, I do not give up. As St. Paul encourages, I run so as to win.”

Fr Tyler

Farm (ranch) productivitey
Compared to 1950……
! If same farm productivity as 1950, 
only feed half of current U.S. 
population ………….
! No food for: 

Compared to 1950……
! Conventional beef cattle: 
2/3’s less CO 2, land and feed required
! Dairy cattle: 
63% more milk with 58% fewer cows, 
70% less manure
65% less water
90% less land
63% less CO 2

U.S. cattle farmers & ranchers 
provide 25% of the world’s beef 
with 10% of the cattle

85% of U.S. grazing land is 
unsuitable for crop production

Globally, beef cattle consume just 
5% of total grain production

And if your worried about Global Warming….

Livestock accounts for less than 3% 
of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions

Open¬†space¬†‚Äď primarily¬†managed¬†by¬†
cattlemen¬†‚Äď provides¬†habitat¬†¬†for¬†¬†
75% of America’s wildlife

Found a new website/blog. Check out his blog and short stories. I ordered two of his books on Cindy’s Kindle.

Windy sumbuck today. Never got over 60 and cooler weather supposed to stay. Supposed to get an inch of rain in the next 245 hours. I sure hope so….

Interesting findings from a report on 60 Minutes

60 minutes sugar
Dr. Robert Lustig
Gary Taubes
>150 pounds per capita
58 pounds per capita

And here is what the Bible said about what to feed honord guests…

Genesis 18: 7­8
Abraham also ran to the herd, and took a tender and choice calf and gave it to the servant, and he hurried 
to prepare it. 

He took curds and milk and the calf which he had prepared, 
and¬†placed¬†it before¬†themÕ嬆and¬†he¬†was¬†standing¬†by¬†
them under the tree as they ate.

Hmmm, beef! Not veggies! Or tofu!

And what about salt?

Meta analysis of 167 sodium diet studies
Effect of reduced sodium levels in
people with normal and high BP.
Low sodium diets: no effect on BP, but…
increased risk of CHD
American Journal of Hypertension
(2012); 251, 1‚Äď15

NO EFFECT on Blood Pressure!

But look here…

Current salt recommendations:
1500 mg/day males >50 years of age
<2400 mg everyone else
Practically, only fruit juices fit this requirement. Eliminates all meats and most vegetables from diet.
Disconnect: Public diet recommendations and science.

Since 1950’s: Recommended diets from academia, MD’s and government: Low Fat/High Carb…no red meat, no saturated

! 15% of children between 6 and 19 are overweight
! 70% of Americans are overweight
“¬Ĺ of this figure is nearing obese!
19 million adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
(1/2 of all adult Native Americans)!
79 million are pre­diabetic !
90 million suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease

Nutritional profile of beef
! Highest¬†quality¬†‚Äúessential‚Ä̬†amino¬†
acids (ALL 20)
! Best natural sources of (heme) iron 
and required trace minerals
! Low in Ca but high in Phos
! Essential B vitamins (B12)
! *FAT

Two Harvard studies:
Beef Kills!
Beef’s Great!

March, 2012 Harvard Epi study! Epi. survey, NOT a research trial! All diet data from questionnaire given every FOUR years! NO questions on refined carbs

March, 2012 Harvard Epi study! Smokers ate more beef, therefore beef lowered life expectancy.
! Only risk factor > 2x is significant
! Bias of Harvard scientist?

2010 Am. J. of Clinical Nutr.*
Authors: Harvard University
! Meta analysis 21 clinical diet studies
! Is there an association between saturated 
fat intake and heart disease?
! None
! Major risk factors for CHD?: refined 
carbohydrates and excess adiposity
*AJCN. First published ahead of print 
January 20, 2010 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2008.26285
*AJCN. First published ahead of print 
January 13, 2010 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2009.27725

What if its all been a big FAT lie?

Fat in Beef 

! 30% Stearic Acid
! 40% Oleic Acid
! Both¬†lower ‚Äúsmall¬†dense‚Ä̬†LDL and¬†raise HDL
! Remaining 30% neutral
! Fat in beef is heart healthy