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Wonderful writing. Check it out It’s on the list on the side now….

Guess I haven’t had much to blog about. Tate came out the other day and stayed a few days, working on the kitchen counters and stuff. Got the new top made for the bar, looks great. He rode with me up to Faith on Wednesday night and we watched the saddle bronc match. We got there early enough that he could buy some stuff at the lumber yard he was needing to do the work here. He left Thursday night, but not before he passed his cold onto me evidently. I had a gig that night and ended up getting home real late, or real early, depending on how you looked at it and I have been trying to recover ever since. Clouds, wind and lightning with a little rain came thru’ yesterday afternoon and evening. I listened to the fire radio and watched for fires. Had one just a bit south and west of here. By the time I got even little close, the rain had put it out and my battery in the radio had quit working. I tried to direct some people on the radio as to how to get to it, but don’t think they heard me. So I ran home and got the other battery. Correction, I called Cindy, she met me part way and brought the other battery and I watched some more and then came back to eat a bite. Kept listening and seemed like all the fires were covered and had plenty of help, but it was touch and go on a couple until they got some water tenders to them. Damp and cool here this morning. Supposed to be a good chance of rain. Sure hope we get some….still working on the reproduction saddle and got another tree yesterday with full QH bars. Too it out last night and checked it on Beav and it seems to fit better, but he is just too flat at the moment over the withers for much of any stye bars to fit real good, but I do think this is an improvement and looks like it would work pretty slick on some of these flatter backed colts..

Found a new website/blog. Check out his blog and short stories. I ordered two of his books on Cindy’s Kindle.

Windy sumbuck today. Never got over 60 and cooler weather supposed to stay. Supposed to get an inch of rain in the next 245 hours. I sure hope so….

Same old same old around here. Check cows, feed cows, fool around, wrench and make my knuckles bloody….

Went in to Sturgis Sunday after Mass as Cindy was having a party for her mom’s birthday. I shall not mention her age as that would not be gentlemanly. All the kids made it and Cindy’s brother and that was enough. Had a short but good time. Got some great pictures of the two little grand girls together.

This afternoon/evening I ran in to Rapid to meet up with a fellow blogger and all around cool guy, Jeffro! We went to the Scarlet Crustacean and had a good supper with a cute waitress and just had a real good visit. Jeffro had to get ready for his work tomorrow and so the visit was shorter than we might have liked it, but we have plans to do something similar again, when he gets his Interbinder up in the northern area. I will take him around to see some of the sights. tho’I think he was satisfied with the cute waitress, this trip. πŸ˜‰

It’s always fun to meet up face to face with the people on the interwebs who’s blogs I read and enjoy and admire. Hopefully Lisa and her wonderful husband will be next, if they can make it this far east this summer some time.

If I ever get back towards Iowa, Jim is on my list to meet up. Yeah, many of you have no idea who I am talking about, but that’s okay. Matter of fact, that is kind of the cool part. Like we are all secret agents. πŸ™‚

Too bad so many of the people who I read, live so far east, but hey, I might win the Lottery and make a big circle some day. Sure like to hook up with Og and Crazy Laura too. and others who shall remain unnamed at this point, cuz it’s a secret… πŸ™‚

β€œThe master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his life and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him, he’s always doing both.”
J. Michener

I got this from Bud Williams website. Everyone ought to go there and read. so much knowledge about life and especially the life we as ranchers live.

Here’s a good page to start on.

Here is my post for the day under the training heading.

10th session
Went up to Dean and Brad’s today and we worked their cattle. I took the colt and Mijo both. I gathered on the colt and then swapped over to Mijo for the rest of the day.
The colt, now renamed Brody, cuz he’s such a mellow kind a guy, like a surfer dude (Think of the character Patrick Swayze played in the film with Keanu Reeves, about bank robbing surfers)!
Anyway’s Me and Brody get started of tentatively but we followed Brad and his horse and managed to stay out of the way while we penned some bulls and cows. Then we ( Dean, Brad, Rick and I ) sorted the cows off. I don’t think me and Brody helped a whole lot, but we did have several quick side trips! πŸ˜‰
When we got that done we rode east and gathered the cows. At one point Brody got troubled about Dean over across from some trees in a windbreak and I had to bend him pretty good to control things. As we moved them I trotted up to the front where Dean was and then on to the house where I swapped him for Mijo. He spent the rest of the day in the trailer saddled, which I am sure did him good also. All in =all, it was great for him. His ears came up and he really seemed to enj7 it. Never did try to do anything other than spook and run and that was pretty easy to control. I think now I will be able to just get on and go outside the corral. I never warmed him up any when I got on or longed him or nothing. Just got on and went. I sure appreciate them guys helping me and allowing me to do this with him. Brad was a big help with lots of patient advice. Even tho’ at times I seemed to ignore him, I am sure, he thought. πŸ˜‰

It was warmish and windy, but we had a pretty good windbreak up at Brad and Bec’s where we worked the cattle. Rick and I pushed the cattle down the chute for Brad and Dean to vaccinate and put tags in any who had lost or were never tagged. We worked two bunches and ate a real good dinner Bec cooked for us, in between the bunches. I got home about 4. Sure had fun with their little man Coy. He is at the age where he is a lot of fun and funny.

Want to see what the boys from here are up to in Afghanistan? Got this from a blog I read.

Lord please watch over them all and give them strength and guidance.

Jim over at The Travis McGee Reader, as per usual, nailed it on the head.

Go here;

(Just copy and paste the above line into your line on top of your page then click on the arrow or whatever to make the computer go whiz, bang and take you to this excellent read.)

Or you can do as I do and just go to his site most days and read his excellent musings. There is a link right over there to the left side on this blog under my blog roll.

Sounds to me like the Fleaparty is mostly a bunch of this generations excuse for filthy hippies. Like so many, they whine about wanting change but come up with no good ideas about how to change anything. Kind of like spoiled little children. “We don’t wanna go to beddddd! Why can’t I eat candy for supper??????”


Go. Read. Great stuff most have forgotten.


Thanks Dickiebo!

I follow quite a few. Too many, probably. Some are posted almost every day, some once or twice a week. A few just sporadically.

I hate word verification. Not real sure why anyone needs it, but either I don’t have a problem because of this blog on WordPress, or maybe because I have a Mac. Anyway, I am not sure why anyone needs it, tho’ several authors of blogs have explained it to me.

Hey, I have gray hair and it’s getting grayer, so that my excuse for not remembering what I ought to and for not understanding what I ought to!

Anyway, I have made a command decision. I will no longer post a reply on any blog that has word verification, unless it is a truly outstanding (I’m talking top notch here, folks) post. Like this one.


I like your blog. I read your blog, but life is just too freekin’ short to go to the extra effort with as much time as I should be doing other things and not trying to fill in made up words and/or symbols. I figure it’s all a commie plot anyway!

If you blog writers hate me for this, so be it. Like I said, life is too short and hectic of late. ‘Sides, I rally ought to be doing other things, but I am a voracious reader. Not so much on the comments!

If because of this, it makes you feel you should not comment on mine, so be it.

That is all.