Since 1950’s: Recommended diets from academia, MD’s and government: Low Fat/High Carb…no red meat, no saturated

Results of 50 years of “low fat/high carb” diet strategies
! 15% of children between 6 and 19 are overweight
! 70% of Americans are overweight
“½ of this figure is nearing obese!
19 million adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
(1/2 of all adult Native Americans)!
79 million are pre­diabetic !
90 million suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease

Nutritional profile of beef
! Highest quality “essential” amino 
acids (ALL 20)
! Best natural sources of (heme) iron 
and required trace minerals
! Low in Ca but high in Phos
! Essential B vitamins (B12)
! *FAT

Two Harvard studies:
Beef Kills!
Beef’s Great!

March, 2012 Harvard Epi study! Epi. survey, NOT a research trial! All diet data from questionnaire given every FOUR years! NO questions on refined carbs

March, 2012 Harvard Epi study! Smokers ate more beef, therefore beef lowered life expectancy.
! Only risk factor > 2x is significant
! Bias of Harvard scientist?

2010 Am. J. of Clinical Nutr.*
Authors: Harvard University
! Meta analysis 21 clinical diet studies
! Is there an association between saturated 
fat intake and heart disease?
! None
! Major risk factors for CHD?: refined 
carbohydrates and excess adiposity
*AJCN. First published ahead of print 
January 20, 2010 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2008.26285
*AJCN. First published ahead of print 
January 13, 2010 as doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2009.27725

What if its all been a big FAT lie?

Fat in Beef 

! 30% Stearic Acid
! 40% Oleic Acid
! Both lower “small dense” LDL and raise HDL
! Remaining 30% neutral
! Fat in beef is heart healthy