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Cindy and I headed into the Hills yesterday and went to watch Gabe and Eli wrestle. They had some hard matches. Eli pinned on and was pointed on a couple. Gabe pinned one and out pointed one and was pointed on one and pinned on one. Make sense? 🙂 We were sure proud of them and how hard they worked at it…

In between matches I ran around and got some pellets for the wood stove and looked at a folding guitar for traveling. Not bad for the price and a real cool way that it works. I would like to see a little better made one, as far as the wood used and tonal qualities… be cool for flying and such.

Fr Tyler came later in the afternoon and visited and watched for awhile. 547 kids there wrestling, not to mention all the others who were there just watching and running around… Afterward’s Cindy and I went to Mass and then she and Fr Tyler and i went out for supper at an Italian restaurant. Food was okay, but heck for what it cost I could have eaten at Mickey D’s or the Kings about 3 or 4 times! I’m kind of a meat and potatoes guy or burrito’s or cold cut sandwich…

We got home about 9:30 and went to bed. I woke about midnight and couldn’t go back to sleep so took an itch pill as they make me drowsy and caught up on internet stuff… went back to bed and finally went to sleep and now I have been groggy all morning…Light snow falling and the wind is picking up. Chance fed cows yesterday and then he put out bean for them today while me and the dogs and team fed hay. supposed to get below zero by tomorrow morning and then slowly warm back up with a chance of some snow…

Kind’a frosty out there this morning… something below zero. But the team started right up! I lured the cows in with feed and sorted a few more off that show a little thinness so I can feed them better. They are still in great shape, but it’s easier to keep one in good shape than to get one in good shape when it gets cold.. Praise the Lord the wind ain’t been blowing.













I hooked the team up this morning (-10 below anyway) and me and the dogs hauled them some hay up west. I knew it was gonn’a get cold, but didn’t think it was gonn’a be that cold. I kind of think my cheap thermometer might have been lying as it didn’t feel that bad. Tho’ I was bundled up and there was no breeze. Amazing how the tractor that had been plugged in for a day and a half wouldn’t start this morning but the team just took right off. Didn’t even have to warm them up, so to speak!

When I got done, I cleaned up and Cindy and I made a trek to town to do some grocery shopping and a few odds and ends. Went and looked at the tractor we are dealing on. For it’s age it looks real good and like it’s been well maintained and taken care of.

When we got home about dark I checked and the tractor started so I let it warm up while we hauled all the groceries into the house then I bundled up and hauled another bale to the cows up west. Hey, it’s Christmas Eve! And gonn’a get cold again tonight. I will feed them a bale tomorrow after Mass at 9 am and they will be happy and well fed.

And speaking of Christmas and Christmas eve, so many forget that the words are Christ’s Mass, or a Mass to celebrate the birth of Christ, the most influential and greats person ever born on this earth. 2000 plus years later, we still celebrate his humble birth out amongst the livestock. Makes me glad I can take care of livestock on a cold wintry day and night. And yes, it’s cold and many probably wouldn’t enjoy it, but tho’ it’s a small sacrifice, it puts me in mind of the Christ child and the sacrifice he made for all of us. Please take time to thank him for this, in this busy season where all the media tries to get us to think of ourselves and that we must buy, buy, buy, to show our love. Nope, it ain’t so, but as with so many things, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it!

Tate and Danny, Hope’s Dad, came out this morning to help the kids with the trailer house. Tate brought Gabe along so him and I went and pout out some bean for the cows. Little nippy but I seen lots worse this time of the year, so I will take it…






Warm, up in the 60’s anyway….

Chance and Hope took Addy Bear and Gus and dropped Gus off at the bus stop and then went in to town to do some business and left Sam here with me. So we went and caught up the team, harnessed them and got a bale and fed part of it to the cattle in the corral. Then we drove Teddy down to Punkin Center and ate an early lunch while they were loading bean and salt into Teddy. We even got some shavings for the dog house to help make it smell better!

When we got back we unloaded and scattered the shavings, got some buckets and tubs and a small shovel for mixing, drove out in the pasture and put out the bean/salt mix around in several places for the cattle. Then we came and got the team and drove down to the end of the road to pick up Gus. He was supposed to be there a little after 1 and it was after 1:30 when the bus finally got there. I don’t know who screwed up the time, but we had a long wait. The dogs all went with us so we sat and petted dogs and watched people drive by while we waited. Gus finally got there and he had his bag and what was left of the cupcakes his Mom had dropped off at school for their Thanksgiving party. I dropped the kids off at the house and went and unharnessed and turned the team out.

Supposed to blow to beat the band tomorrow with cooler temps. Tate and Kass and kids are on their way here for the holiday and will spend the night and perhaps several more. Fr Tyler is supposed to be coming tomorrow also. Cindy may bring her Mom and Delbert out after work tomorrow too, so we may just have a whole huge houseful of sleep overs! Oh well, it’s all good! 🙂

Went well.. calves weighed good enough and brought enough, tho’ we sure would have taken more!

Woke up to a wet world this morning. Wonderful stuff. got a few flakes also today and some drizzle. Just what the doctor ordered. It is cool but it is supposed to warm back up in a few days. This will sure help the coughing livestock! Thanks God!

Here are a few shots Raymond and Mick got this weekend. I talked to a nice lady in Iowa the other day who told me she reads this blog often and really enjoys the photo’s so I will try a little harder to post more of them, more often. As always, clicking on the photo’s should make them larger…

Not too hot, not too windy. I was getting ready to work on making a palp cage this morning when Delbert showed up with an invite to ride along with him, so took it quick before he changed his mind!

We stopped over at a neighbors who had been having a dog trail. It was over but we got in some good visiting with Bud and maybe found a dog… yeah, I know, like I need another one, but this is a good Border Collie started and priced right. And two is better than one when I am moving these cattle around by myself.

Then we drove over to Del’s summer pasture and checked on cattle and water. Came back to Punkin Center and ate at the cafe and Delbert’s daughter in law came along with his grandson so we had fun with them.

Got home and tried to take a snooze but Spike went to howling when Cindy pulled in so that was the end of that! So I went out and cut and welded on the palp cage until supper time.

Been on the phone all night. I am going to meet Ken Cook tomorrow as we have a gig in Ft Pierre in the afternoon.

and the dogs, went and got the horses in this morning to ride but the nose flies was bad so we waited until…. about right now!

Went south and dug up thistles and worked on leather this afternoon. Children are no good at digging thistles…..

AI heifers tomorrow.

Sat up too late last night listening to the fire radio. Sounded like lightning started quit a few, but the short hard shower that followed put them out… got up warm and a quick short shower came thru’ and we got about 10 drops but it cooled it off for a short time. Upper 80’s now….