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One of those days… I woke up crabby and it just didn’t get any better.

Cold with a little snowfall, maybe an inch or real fluffy powder…

Fed cows with the tractor so i could set more bales down. Stupid piece on the back broke and fell off somewhere, just as it has done before… Stupid 3 point arms come over and run into it and it breaks… probably I will find it tomorrow tho’ why I would give a damn is beyond me as I am going to have to make new stuff that actually works and doesn’t break!

I worked on entering checks for the past year. Man, we go thru’ a lot of money with not a lot to show for it…. pisses me off that them idiots on TV don’t think farmers and ranchers are consumers. Hell we probably buy as much or more than the average. Mostly food and fuel if you are entering my checks!

Worked on the stoopid fireplace insert. Poorest designed piece of junk ever as far as I can tell. When I got wood pellets the other day i looked at another insert form a different manufacturer for about a 1000 less than what Cindy paid for this piece of junk and it was made to actually be fairly easy to work on… if I had the money I’d go buy it and take this one back to the idiot that sold it to her and shove it someplace he wouldn’t like!

I finally got it working after seemingly tearing it all to pieces and putting it back together. We had been getting pellets lately from a local source and they worked for awhile but they must not be as good as the others as they plug it. So I’d like to take the left over bags and shove them some place into the guy who sold them to me also…..did i mention I hate to wrench? One of the reason’s I prefer teams and saddle horse. they either work, I fix them or shoot them, much simpler….

Then I worked on a cheap made piece of junk saddle a lady dropped off the other day. I understand most people can not afford a custom made saddle, but this piece of crap is so poorly put together about all it is good for is riding around in a circle. Poor leather, cheap synthetic wool and poorly made…I sure hope they don’t let anyone try to rope anything off from it….

But… on a brighter note, 32 years ago today we welcomed Fr Tyler into the world. And no, he wasn’t a Fr at that time, he had to wait a bit fore that….. I sure hope he’s praying for me…grrrrr…….

Oh, and we are about out of propane so we will get to pay that bill also……..

Hope and I had to run into the hills to get pipe for their trailer house project today and a doc appointment for Sam, so I took the opportunity to get my drivers license renewed. I knew all the stuff you were supposed to take along (damn you people who changed our mundane lives so drastically ) so that I could do this, as my birthday is coming up in January (please send all cards with money enclosed, preferably large denominations…and condolences, to me, at my address… šŸ™‚ )

Got to the place, Hope and kids waited while I went in. Took my number, filled out all the paperwork and waited in line. My turn comes and the lady tells me my social security card I have carried all my life is not valid…. also, seeing as I was not born in this country, I had to have my naturalization papers, even tho’ I had what I was told was a valid proof I was in fact a citizen in good standing…

I go to the SS office and they tell me that they can not get me a replacement for my card until I show them my naturalization papers…. ahhh, bureaucracy how I curse thee!!!!

We did some other stuff and stopped at the courthouse in Sturgis to try and figure out where to look for my paperwork. Katy (lovely women whom I’ve known for years and is married to one of my best friends) took it upon herself to make a call.

Short story is, supposedly they have changed things since they sent me my latest papers and the lady told her how to fix it! So…. if all works as it is supposed to, I shall be able to get my license renewed.

A thought occurred to me, on this the day we all exercise out right to vote (if you didn’t you are a wuss, a weanie and a twerp of the highest order!) that it is now harder for a legal citizen of this country to renew their drivers license than it is for a man to run for the presidency!

Also, I can not possibly see how we can have any illegal aliens here if they stop a man who has lived here since he was a small child, never been incarcerated, never hardly had even a traffic ticket ( there was that one small indiscretion late at night while driving home from a dismal calf sale with my mother as a passenger, many, many years ago) or done anything even slightly unlawful and having to go thru’ all this crap just to get to legally drive!

I worked on a saddle today. Then this afternoon just after Cindy got home, Chance called and they were stranded in Spearfish.
They had taken their pickup in to get the brakes on it fixed. Hope had lost all brakes and bumped into the gate awhile back and they finally were able to get it to town. Hope had to talk to a lady about a cake so she drove their Land Rover and Chance took the pickup, dropped it off at the brake fixing place and then a radiator hose or some other thing broke on the Rover. So they got it to the place that fixes that, but needed a ride home. Fr Tyler couldn’t get them as he had a meeting, Chances boss was nowhere close so I ran the car in and picked them up and took them out to their house. Got a good shower going out and when we got to their 3 miles of gumbo road, Chance said it would be alright. So I gassed it and slipped a bit but made it in. Dropped them off, visited for a minute and headed out. Slipped and slid back out to the black top and noticed there was a lot of gumbo packed into the rear wheel wells. Couldn’t find anything to clean it with, so took off, but saw smoke coming from a rear wheel. There were just enough rocks on the packed gumbo that it was cutting a groove into the rear passenger tire. So I jacked it up for room and used my blade knife and a part of a brake pad I found in the trunk. Cut my knuckles up, but finally got it clean. Got in and drove a little ways and noticed smoke coming for the other rear tire. So pulled over on an approach, seeing as I was on a main artery to the oil fields with all the oil field trash driving by at 75, jacked up the car, cleaned that wheel well off and then headed out. Just got home a minute ago. Got a lot of lightning off to the south east. Just got a shower here.

It is the start of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We are always told to watch out for bikes as they are hard to see, so I do, but I’ll tell you what, the way most of them idiots drive they ought to have a bounty on them!
I went to cross a 4 lane highway and here came a motorcycle from the opposite side. I was just going to turn into my lane, as your supposed to, and this idiot decided he didn’t need to obey traffic laws and just went across his lane and into mine. I swerved into the middle turning lane, to avoid him and he gave ME a dirty look. Should have took him out and there would have been one less asshole to deal with in this life! What kind of brains does it take to realize you are driving a much smaller vehicle and to watch out someone don’t run over your butt? And then they whine when someone runs into or over them. Idiots!

Cindy and I took the boys with us and went to town today to do some shopping and get groceries. We found a Farmers Market so stopped to check it out and I found out the real meaning of the word Organic, when it comes to food. It translate to “real freekin’ expensive”! One young hippy looking guy had some tomatoes and stuff with a big sign saying, “Beyond Organic” so I asked what that meant. “OH, we go beyond organic which is just using all natural chemicals…”

Uhmmm, as far as I was aware, all chemicals ARE natural. I mean, they come from nature, don’t they? He went on to tell me that they use natural pest control, which I am familiar with as that is what I use for grasshopper control in my pastures. I can get a bait that has the natural pest or diseases that kill off grasshoppers and only effects them. And I understand the concept, but back when everyone grew foods this way, you know, before the advent of all these nasty ol’ chemicals that keep pests and weeds at bay, one farmer could feed his own family, Now one farmer can feed like…. 300 to 400 people…so I can see why so many do not use organic. And hey, if you don’t want to use chemicals be sure and not ever get a shot or pills for yourself or your children or any sick animals or to prevent worms or bugs or anything like that, because you know,,, they are bad, bad! And then you can go get some Paris Green, which is just arsenic as I understand it and pick all the bugs off your plants and drop them in the Paris Green as my father did back in the 20’s…..;-)

By the way it got warm today. Like up around 100 warm…..and some wind with it….

Warning, mature words!!!!″

Hormone use?

The following scientific bodies have concluded that the use of hormone implants is safe:

World Health Organization
UN Food and Ag Organization
EEC “Lamming Committee, 1982”
Health Canada (Bureau of Veterinary Drugs)
Codex Alimentarius Commission (July 1995)
(an international organization that recommends food safety standards )
EU Conference Brussels (November 29- December 1, 1995)

The hormone implant is made of Estrogen

Estrogen content in Beef *
*Oklahoma State University, Implant Symposium, May 1997

Estrogen in One pound serving

Untreated steer 8 nanograms
Implanted steer 11 nanograms
Untreated heifer 9 nanograms
Pregnant heifer 700 nanograms
Intact Bull 110 nanograms
Peas 2,000 nanograms
Wheatgerm 2,000 nanograms
Soybean oil 1,000,000 nanograms
Milk 65 nanograms

Nanogram = 1 billionth of a gram
That is one blade of grass in a football field,
One Billion seconds ago = 1978

Human Estradiol Production*
*Oklahoma Implant Symposium

Boys 40,000 nanograms
Girls 40,000 nanograms
Adult Male 100,000 nanograms
Non Pregnant Female 5,000,000 nanograms
Pregnant Female 90,000,000 nanograms

TheĀ E.U.Ā hasĀ declaredĀ E2 17baĀ (estrogen) carcinogen.

OneĀ BirthĀ ControlĀ PillĀ containsĀ theĀ sameĀ amountĀ ofĀ estrogenĀ 
asĀ 125,000Ā lbsĀ ofĀ beefĀ fromĀ an implantedĀ steers.

Go check out what Og wrote. Spot on…

Jeffro has a great story on something we all need to be aware of and get our butts in gear and scream bloody murder….

Charged the battery on the camera, must not be it. Took more pictures. I see I cracked the screen on the camera, so i bet that is it. Tine for a new one. Might as well buy cheap ones I guess. Anyway, this is the best I can get for now on the saddle and I am going to start riding it so the next ones, it might not be as pretty and new. šŸ™‚

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Here is a great response from the Church to the Obama Care BS.