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Looks like tomorrow at this time we should have 5 or 6 inches of snow and winds picking up tonight and gusting into the 40’s by tomorrow…whee, can you say blizzard boys and girls? 🙂

Delbert and Clint came over and put my tractor tire chains on. Obviously they have had more practice than me cuz’ they went about it in a much more efficient manner and I didn’t even hardly get to help. I drove forward and backward and we got another link shortened up. Then this late afternoon I went out and dug the bottom of the floor in the shed now, so the tractor just barely squeeks under the door. I hauled the extra gravel up and put it over Hope and Chance’s exposed phone line where people will park and while I was at it I smoothed out their gravel pile a bit so it will be better after the storm. Probably in the spring we will have to do more and will probably have to add more gravel anyway…

Then I went and fed the cows an extra bale in case it gets real tuff in the morning.Got another link in the chains shorter also…

Moved Chances trailer out of the way of causing any more of a drift and also mine. Got my pickup backed in so I can get out afterwords in case of an emergency…now, seeing as I got a couple new movies in, I will take them up and make Hope feed me and we will watch movies. By the way Hope and Chances last digits in their phone is 5415, same as they had before when they lived out here…

I guess I am prepared as best I can be. Chance should come rolling in later so he will be here to help with the feeding and aftermath. Heck, I might just sleep in and tell him to handle it! 🙂

Purples new door, some snow pictures, the new trailer house and some little girl who got into her big brothers markers when no one was watching, for just one second! 🙂

Purples new store

Purples new store







hanging in there. So far, Cindy hasn’t gotten it. Hope is just starting and the kids are in various stages. Chance and I are in the midst of it.

Just been doing chores and no more.. got a couple three inches of snow the other day and some wind. Warmed up enough today that it started to melt. Supposed to get warmer as the week goes on.

Tried to get someone around here to shoot me today and put me out of my misery but so far I guess I haven’t been enough of an ass, as no one would take me up on it. Surprising, isn’t it?

Woke up to a wet world this morning. Wonderful stuff. got a few flakes also today and some drizzle. Just what the doctor ordered. It is cool but it is supposed to warm back up in a few days. This will sure help the coughing livestock! Thanks God!

Here are a few shots Raymond and Mick got this weekend. I talked to a nice lady in Iowa the other day who told me she reads this blog often and really enjoys the photo’s so I will try a little harder to post more of them, more often. As always, clicking on the photo’s should make them larger…

Well, the storm has passed. We got maybe 5 inches of snow. Drifted up a little, but not bad. It’s 35 degree’s out right now and the sun is shining.

I fed with the tractor so I could move snow around. Then sorted horses and turned the unused ones out and kept in the colt and his half sister who is going to the trainer this weekend. He mentioned maybe I ought to work on her halter breaking before I sent her, so I did. Went well. Afterword’s I worked with Colonel a little too.

Nerer got too cold and sure wasn’t too bad, but then I wasn’t calving or lambing either.

Well so far all we have is a cool but nice day. Overcast but no snow and not a lot of wind. this thing must be coming thru’ slower or tracking different, tho’ it still predicts gust up in the mid 30’s and up to about 5 or 6 inches of snow.

Maybe the weather is wrong? 😮

I got everything fed and am ready as I can be. Boy, one of the bales I hooked on to this morning with the team, they had to really scratch and dig to get it moving and it was mostly off the ground. Heavy bale!

Supposed to get a good amount of snow and wind starting with the snow tonight and running thru’ Wednesday morning. So I decided that the cows down south ought to come home. It was about 16 this morning when I plugged the tractor in, thinking I might need it to lure the cows in with hay. All the horses were close so I fed the old and preggo and thin ones grain and locked the rest in, so I’d have a horse in case I needed one, and/or the team. We dressed up and then Cindy and I and the dogs drove the pickup south to find them and try and load some big barrels of mineral I had just given them the other day. We found them, we had the dogs, they was headed in the right direction, so we just let the dogs do their thing and drove them almost home, then got ahead to set a few gates, came back and urged them on and they slipped across the road and into the little pasture behind the house where they were pretty excited to see some old hay the thin horses hadn’t cleaned up yet. First hay they had seen since I moved them south a few months ago. Wasn’t a real “cowboy” way to move them, but it sure worked slick. I am waiting a bit, drinking tea and then I will go out and harness up and feed them and the others, some hay. Probably just mix them in with the calves and thinner cows that have been around here and they will stay together until after they calve now. Lots of old grass still down there, but it will be there to help catch snow and promote new growth in the spring. And there is grass out here where the other cows calves and horses have been running.

Wind is coming out of the south east but is going to switch tonight and move to the north north east according to my weather on the computer.

Shoulder/neck is better this morning but still tender. I’d like to go get on my colt, but doubt it will happen. Maybe after the storm when I’ve got some nice deep drifts to ride him in? 😉

Cooled off. It got down below zero last night but warmed up almost 20 by this afternoon. There was lots of thick ice on the tanks this morning.

Here are some recent photo’s.


Elizabeth Ebert is a friend, lovely lady and one of the best, if not the best, cowboy poets of all time. Someday I think we will erect a monument to this fine lady and her body of work. She sent me this in an email and graciously allowed me to share it here.


They’re playing Christmas music
Everywhere I go
The jingle bells are jingling
They’re dashing through the snow.

Crosby’s Christmases are white
Elvis is still blue.
Reindeer ran over Grandma
(Please tell me that’s not true!)

Nick’s coming down the chimney.
The chipmunks are in tune.
Mama’s kissing Santa Claus
( I hope dad gets home soon!)

They’re cranking up the decibels
They’re blasting left and right.
It may be Christmas music
But  I long for silent night.

Written by Elizabeth Ebert

We have a nice wet snow falling. A little wind out of the north northwest, but the snow is wet enough it won’t be able to blow around for a spell. The cows can get all the moisture they need for grazing without having to walk to a tank, tho’ some probably will. I took bean down south this morning and then went and checked the tank. Cows are enjoying all the left over grass from this summer.

Was just looking at Facebook while waiting for warmer temps and saw that my brother had an incident. Evidently he was driving his truck along when a front tire blew. He got pulled over to the side with no problem, but the tire started a fire that he could not put out. He salvaged as much as he could out of his sleeper and was close to a city where we have a sister living who took him in until he can catch a ride back home. He wasn’t hurt. Lucky guy and from all I hear a good driver. So I suppose he will have a new truck to drive. At least new to him.

I am waiting a bit for a little more warmth then off with another load of cattle to the sale. We got a lie dusting of snow but so far no real wind. Supposed to warm up a little tomorrow. I am waiting to give the highway guys plenty of time to move the snow off the highways and put sand down on the hills. I doubt the roads will be too bad, but then I don’t have the best tread on my pickup. Highway tread, as I haven’t put the winter tires on yet. I had the old ones re-capped and they could only re-cap two so I need to find two more with similar tread and the same size. It’s always something….   😉

By the way, I got a great call, night before last. A cousin who I hadn’t heard from in several years. She and I are the same age and played together as children. Always good to hear her voice. Glad you called Ruth! Keep in touch! And come visit when you get a chance!