Ol’ Sol has been working and we have mud. Wonderful glorious mud!

I know, most people don’t like mud, but mud means warmth and snow going away and creeks and dams getting full, so I like mud. Give me a few weeks of it and I probably won’t be so high on it!

I saddled up Pilgrim this afternoon and rode him for the first time since he lost his eye.. same ol’ good feller.. maybe stumbles a bit more, but we were on uneven snow ground, so I won’t fault him. We went north and shut gates so yearlings can’t get next to one bunch of cows we have sorted off. We had to pick and choose and ride around draws where the snow was deep, but we made it. Nice to be horseback again.

Chance had a couple heifers calve this morning.. supposedly they weren’t supposed to start until around May 1, but I guess if they aren’t ones you had yourself, they can calve anytime! Both mama’s and babies are fine, but Chance is in a panic trying to figure out where to put these heifers who might calve next. He decided we needed to get a shed cleaned out and the corrals which are full of frozen and wet muck. So after I got done feeding I was helping him, me on the tractor, him in his skid loader… then the tractor started acting up, like it had water in the fuel.. we couldn’t get it running, so drug it into the shed and we are proceeding from there.. I am thinking this could be a real good opportunity and excuse to star feeding with the team.. not sure if I can talk him into it, we will see.. we can feed with the skid steer, but it isn’t quite as handy.

Anyway, we got snow melting making mud and I like it!

It finally started snowing about 4 yesterday afternoon.. of course the wind blew… not sure how much we got but ai think most of it blew down south east of us. We had all the livestock behind protection and fed.. went out this morning and fed again.. seems they all survived..as far as blizzards go, I have seen lots worse ones, around here.. I see they are having flooding in the eastern part of the state and north eastern Nebraska.. them poor folks are getting walloped. I talked to Fr Tyler this afternoon and they had rain and then snow, so got lots tougher conditions than we did. Sure glad we aren’t calving in this, but have in the past and if you got your sheds all bedded down and check real often, you save most of them..going to be muddy after this.. when there is bare ground it was muddy this late afternoon. It’s all moisture and we will be glad we had it, later on when the grass starts to grow. Not too big of drifts to dig out tomorrow. I am old school and remember digging out after thesis with a two wheel drive tractor and no chains, so with these front wheel assist tractors, this doesn’t seem too bad.

Supposed to get up to 40 some today and then late tonight, early tomorrow a blizzard stating.. looks like about a foot of snow and gust up to 60 mph or so.. sure am glad we have some shelter for the livestock to get behind… I will feed some hay this morning and then again this evening, behind that shelter. Pull your hat down!

4:30 pm and I just got in from plowing snow.. wind is still blowing, but there is water and mud on the road! Amazing what just a little warmth can do. Supposed to warm up and stay that way for the next few days.. praise the Lord!

Snow (maybe 3 or 4 inches so far) and wind (probably 20 some mph now and getting stronger)… someone said they called they a “spring storm” instead of a “winter storm”… hmm..according to the calendar it is still winter for a few more days, so evidently somebody doesn’t know what they are talking about… go figure.

Tate dropped a bunch of kids of this morning on his way to work so CC, Like, Apricot and I been playing some Yatzee.. CC and Like both rolled double Yahtzee’s the last game so me and Ari quit them… no, we all decided we had played long enough.

We got some chains for Chance’s skid steer the other day and we have been pushing snow , getting ready for this storm.. so far it hasn’t drifted real bad I don’t think.. but the day isn’t done yet.. we are supposed to have Mass this afternoon, but not sure if it will be too stormy for Fr to come down from Faith.. time will tell.

No, not real windy, just a lite breeze of 40 plus mph… couldn’t really call it a wind.. of course when it does do that and we have lows, below zero, sure takes lots of feed to keep cattle going, out in it.. our livestock all have protection to get behind, shelter belts and man made windbreaks.. but still and all, they need lots of feed to keep their inner furnaces going.. odd, why do we never see them PETA folks and such, out and about, trying to help all the poor animals out in the cold?

They claim to want to help animals, but I never see them actually doing anything to help animals… hmm.. maybe they just belong to these groups to raise money and raise hell and spend the money on stuff besides animals and their welfare? Ever see any donating to help livestock owners after bad droughts and fires and floods? Might be time someone exposed them for the lying hypocrites they are… and start throwing blood on them and other stupid stuff like they do…just a thought..

Had a couple day of 20 some temps.. no wind yesterday, to speak of.. quite a country where your excited when it gets up in the 20’s!

We had a few calves get back with the other bunch of cows awhile back, so we got them I this morning and sorted them off and got a count on some cows… went good and Bitty even got to work cows..

Border Collies love to work cows, so it was like a vacation for her. She goes with me every day and rides in the tractor while I feed and she is quick to jump out of the cab if she thinks she is needed..and when she is needed it sure is handy to have her… wish I had done a better job of training on her when she was younger… but I didn’t have any sheep or small calves to train her on and a long way to drive over to Bud’s our BC training neighbor..

Supposedly the weather is gong to warm up next week, but windy..we get an inch or so of snow every night it seems.. sure ought to make the creeks run and fit dams when it thaws out ad I hope thetas real quick!My hay pile is way too low!

Water was froze up again this morning in the old ouse.. somebody, who shall remain nameless, forgot to put a heat lamp down there… but we got it thawed.

The tank the cows have been watering out of has been running real slow.. I finally had a thought maybe there was a screen it it plugging up.. we found another one just like it and looked and sure as heck, it had a screen which Chance removed.. we went out to the tank and I lay down on the frozen ice on topped reached down in to the cement culvert that protects the float system and unscrewed the old one and man the dirty water and sand came bubbling out! Chance proclaimed me a genius!!!! Mark that on the calendar!!!!

Supposed to warm up a bit the next couple days but not real hot.. I am ready for the cold to go away and stay away!

We got the cows in that been running out on pasture and went thru’ and sorted the ones getting thinner off, Sao they can go with the calves and cows getting a full feed. Dang, seems like this winter and cold is hanging in there.. Chances kids helped us sort and them boys are getting better at reading stock and knowing when to give and when to put pressure on… Bitty even got to help.. we also deloused the calf bunch. Got another package of them we need delouse in the morning.. I also went over and pushed the snow clean from the Church driveway. Fr Yanuish won’t be getting stuck now, when he pulls in..supposed to get u to 40 tomorrow and then cool back off.. the older I get the less I like winter weather..

While feeding yesterday, Chance and I found and brought home a smaller, late summer/fall born calf who was obviously not feeling well.. we loaded him in the loader bucketing brought him home.. only warm place I could think of was in the mud room, so we unloaded him on the front deck/porch and Chance drug him into the mud room.. put him under a blanket next to a heating outlet from the propane heater for the house and went to wring him up.. Chance gave him an antibiotic and some cow aspirin to help him feel better…drenched him with some real warm sugar water… later on I drenched him with a beer and warm water, to get the bugs in his gut going and then even later put some water in a shallow bucket and got him to drink some.. he was up and about during the night a bit.. made a small mess on the floor and Cindy cleaned it all up.. he never even got out from under his blanket… this morning I gave him more antibiotic and cow aspirin…and water.. then later, just a few minutes ago, I brought him in some hay, cut and tore some into smaller pieces and put some to his mouth and he is eating his hay now… he just might make it… he needs to get in better shape to stand the cold, before we put him back outside.. so far his messes are not real messy, so Cindy has put up with him..she kind of like playing nursemaid anyway, to small creatures….. so, now, I guess we have a house cow!

And them idiots in fake animal rights groups, think we don’t like our livestock!