Been getting up around or over a hundred every day lately. I put two window air conditioners in the new house and it makes it bearable… Cindy is thinking central air!

Our friend Carl has been here most of this week getting photographs for a new deal he is working on. Revisiting all the people he took photos of 20 years ago. Hopefully most of us will be around to do it again in another 20!

Rick came and helped with the house a couple days this week. He and Tate got lots done. It’s getting closer to done, but still plenty to do and it ain’t no fun when it gets this hot… Wyatt stopped in and helped one day also.

The hailstorm a week or so ago had a sliver ling. A guy who had bees out in the area that got hammered came and asked to set them up here where we weren’t effected, so we now have some bees and will get some honey. I’ve wanted some for years but never could get anyone interested.. hopefully they will help get some alfalfa seed this fall on old hay ground we grazed early.

Been one of them weeks, days, maybe several weeks…

Today i hooked up to the trailer and went after bulls. Got them, headed back and got about 10 miles from there and blew a good tire on the trailer… don’t know why, doesn’t matter. I went to fix it and some fool had taken the tire wrench that fits the trailer out of the pickup! After much frustration and calls finally the man’s son who we lease the bulls from came and brought an extra spare tire, and a battery operated lug wrench.. I got to get me one of those! And a new spare tire and a new tire to go back on the trailer.. my spare isn’t too shiny… I was supposed to go to a funeral this afternoon and should have had plenty of time, but didn’t get home in time for it..

Yesterday Cindy and I went to town, thinking about trading of the 95 Dually with the good old Cummins 12 valve… dealt with auto dealers for way too long and my head still hurts.. didn’t get any trade made but did learn a few things.. still making calls and what not on this deal..Chance would like to keep the Dually and get rid of his pickup, so we’d need to trade off his, figure out the differences in prices and still; get all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed…

Been working on the house. Lige helped me get more fence posts installed for railings, got some more to do. Rick came over and spent a day helping us.. that was sure a big help.

Been a terrible hail storm go thru’ since last I posted, but it went south of us, we just got a good rain.

Slome months back the local telephone company came in and put wires into the new house. Never hooked a phone up to it, so I just forgot and when I trenched for there new new well, I cut the line.. told the guy what happened and they have changed the rules to where they don’t just repair it, or bring in a semi permanent line, they have to trench one in with a special trencher.. last I heard they would still be over a month out.. sure is a pain to come to the old house to check messages and the internet morning and night… I sure hope we get this house all done and fixed up some day… on a brighter note, when we got home last night, Tate had installed the tub surround around the big whirlpool tub in the master bath.. aromatic cedar and man is it putty! Now, if he’d just get that tub hooked up I’d grab a bottle of bourbon ands go sock in it for a good long spell!


If you need to get ahold of me, call my cell phone, leave a message on Facebook or a message on our old home number… we’ll leave light on for you…

Tho’ it’s only the 3rd, I have some thoughts on our celebration of Independence Day.

This spring a distant friend contacted me and told me her niece and family were traveling thru’ this area and wanted to spend a little time on a real ranch and see some of the Black Hills and wondered if we could put them up for a night or two? Cindy and I discussed it and decided that this particular family would work as if need be, they could stay in  a tent or teepee in case the house wasn’t quite far enough along to have guests in it. We said yes.. it was just the impetus we needed to go hard to get the house livable, tho’ not done by a long shot. Beth, Jon and girls arrived before dark on the 1st and we  shoveled a path thru’ the mess and stowed their gear and sat up too late visiting! But we had a great visit, as far as I was concerned. Yesterday morning I took them around the cattle and some of the pasture, as I had to do some gate shutting and turn on a well and other odds and ends. When we got back we went back to the house and remembered we had a tool we had rented that needed returned and some items that were wrong and needed returned and few more pieces of flooring to finish up one of the bathrooms.. so they all loaded up in the Nitro with me, we hauled the stuff back, got the new items and headed for Mount Rushmore and Crazyhorse mountain. Then we drove thru’ the Needles hiway and stopped south of Hermosa for  Lintz Bro’s pizza.. yes, by the way, it is really great pizza! I of course, kept up a running commentary about everything we saw and answered the questions they had about this area and our type of life. We got home about dark and sat again and visited into the wee hours as we knew they were leaving this morning for the rest of their trip.

While at Mt Rushmore, I was reminded about this nation. Rushmore is known as the “Shrine of Democracy”. And it showed it. Lots of people of every color and creed, all there to look at what man had done to remind us of some of our past leaders who did their best to help this country and freedom. Made me proud. Both it and Crazyhorse took a lot of effort and vision and will be here for many years, unless some catastrophe happens. And millions of people gaze upon both.

And marvel.

And hopefully think and go away with a renewed energy to take up the task of making and keeping this nation the best on the earth. Yes, we are not there yet, but please show me a country where there is more freedom for the people who live there, in every way. Yes, we have lost many freedoms we used to enjoy and perhaps we need to reflect on that and remind ourselves of all who have given so much so we can have what we do have, and strengthen our resolve to fix the problems we have for the best for the many. And make ourselves more free than we are now.

Hope you all have a great, safe 4th of July. I am so far and making new wonderful people as friends is a very large part of that. Thanks for stopping in Jon and Beth and letting us get to meet you and your lovely daughters. Hurry back, soon. And thanks Anne for asking us to allow people we had never met to become part of our lives, even for a short while.


There is railing all around on the porch and deck now, since this photo was taken

Photos of the upstair library will be and loft where the master bedroom is..

Cindy and I spent our first night in the new house last night. We got the waterbed in and filled yesterday and a toilet installed in the upper bathroom. I say we put too much water in the new waterbed mattress, but Cindy said it’s the first morning she hasn’t waken with a back ache, so we will see how that goes! Chance and Hope got flooring down in the mudroom yesterday, Tate and Chance and I got the refig installed, tho’ we couldn’t hook up the water for the ice maker yet.. missing a fitting, seems like there is a lot of that going around.. we still need to get more lights hooked up. I wanted to put flooring in the  mail level bathroom, but the boys want to get sheetrock in it first.. they did get the basement bathroom, sheet rocked..still lots of things to do, chinking (I had to chink in the bedroom yesterday so that wall would be done where the bed sets and we wouldn’t have to drain and move it) trim and this and that.. it was a very quiet night and strange to be sleeping pointing a different direction.. had to get up and walk down to the old house to make me some breakfast.. Tate has been installing kitchen cabinets and working on building counter top…Tate and Kass have a wedding to attend today, so we need to get some cows moved while he isn’t here to crack the whip on us! Might get a few more things done on the house, but seems to me we will be working on this house for a long time to come…

Tonight at Philip. Monday afternoon Cindy and I hauled a load of dries down to Philip for the Tuesday Sale. Chance and I hauled a few more down Monday morning then waited for them to sell.. not real shiny, but better than Chance expected on his. Got a nice rainMonday evening, somewhere from a half inch to one and a half inch, depending on who you talked to.. sure helped wash the dust off the grass. Cindy and I ran into town yesterday and went to Francis Hanzliks funeral. She was a real nice lady. We went to the chiro afterwards and both of us got worked on. Helped me feel better. I rode over and got a cow off from Del’s on Red Owl creek this morning. Ol’ fool ought to know better than to go over there!😀 She wasn’t much of a chore for me and Pilgrim. Tate helped me change out the headlights on Teddy this morning.. ought to be able to see better at night now.

Church was full for Mass this morning.. after dinner I took a nap then Arabelle, Lige and Gabe came up and we moved some pairs back up into Harrry’s.. been so hot we hadn’t finished it up.. the deer flies are a pest, but we had a good breeze, so it wasn’t terrible. Gabe rode Crackerjack and got along fine, this was Ari’s second trip outside on Beaver.. thought I was gonna have to kill her, telling her how to ride and leave the facer alone and yet be shortened up so he didn’t go too fast.. I don’t know who got the patience in the family, but it wasn’t me! Supposed to sort off some dries tomorrow…

Went up north and branded some calves today, smaller but real good crew.. the owner is 89 and his wife younger, she helped gather and he watched the gate and grumbled about us “kids”!😀 Went smooth and we got them done before it got real hot, got him about 4 and it was 100 and a south east wind blowing about 30 mph.. supposed to cool down a bit tomorrow, from the last report i read.. got some clouds off to the west and a chance of rain later in the week, sure hope we get some, it’s green but we could use a drink.. Chance and I had Lige and Gabe and Gus, there were a few first calf heifer calves at the end in a different bunch so us older guys took a kid and helped them wrassle and taught them the way we wanted them to hold calves.. they’d all done it before, but mostly set on the back so we showed them how to use their weight and leverage to hold down the front and how to help the crew who were dehorning, giving shots and stuff… it’s good for these kids to learn this stuff and learn it so Grampa don’t cuss them!😀

Got a big bunch of our calves worked yesterday, good crew. we worked the cows too… everything went smooth. Dusty brought Crackerjack home and drug some calves on him. Raymond Wattenhofer was here and said he got over 2000  pictures.. hopefully some will make great paintings for him. Gus and I rode out this morning and moved some pairs out of the old hay filed, north of the house. At noon, I went and voted ( not that there was much to vote for) there Gabe and Lige came up and I hauled them up to a roping clinic, we got home about 5 ate a bite then rode out and moved some pairs north that were out east, next to the road.. I rode Crackerjack and got a long fine.. supposed to go help Dustin brand tomorrow.. Chance went in to the chiro as he has a bum knee and hip where I collapsed part of a bank on him the other day, working on waterlines.. he is supposed to go along, we will see..


Mike and Kim tar rant were passing thru; from a visit back east so i had him ride along over to the TC outfit and we helped head and heel calves to work them.. windy, but still a great day.. today I moved cows up north into Harry’s.. hopefully tomorrow we can get them east6 so they will be handy to gather to brand on Monday.. Kids have nuns out teaching them this weekend and there is a small gathering this evening at Tate and Kass’s and also the nut fry and Caden Smiley playing at Nellies… windy today also and supposed to keep it up.. got the new well hooked up and Tate has been busy making it happen.. everyone has more water pressure and we all like that..


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