Dennis Ranch

When you come visit Dennis Ranch, you’re part of the family!

Our ranch sets in the wide open Great Plains. Rolling hills, covered in grass, with scattered outcroppings of rocks. Native trees along the water courses, planted by Mother Nature. Lots of room to ride or hike. This really is where the “deer and antelope play”. Just 8 miles off a blacktop state hi-way on a good, year around gravel road.

Explore our World

Ever dream of working and living like cowboys and ranchers? Would you like to be where tranquility and quiet is commonplace? Come visit and you can! Get on a gentle, well trained horse, perhaps you would like to take a ride on a wagon, pulled by a team of horses. Hike, fish, or set back and enjoy the wide open spaces. There is no rush hour or traffic jams. Laid back and unhurried, peaceful and quiet. Set around a fire in the evening and enjoy the camaraderie, visiting about the days activities or join in and sing along to some down home guitar and music. You might even hear a cowboy poem or story.

Discover the High Plains

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.

What we do

We run cattle to graze the grass, to make the cattle and the grass better! We mainly use horses to do the work. It makes the horses and the people, better! The best view in the world is between a horses ears!

From April thru’ May is calving season. We also are hoping the neighbors with their spring cattle work. June, July and August we are moving our cattle from pasture to pasture, keeping salt out, fixing fence and checking water and cattle. Much of this is done from the back of a horse. September thru November is checking cattle, and giving fall vaccinations and preg checking cows. December thru’ March is feeding cattle and weaning calves. Come join us for a unique adventure of a lifetime .

Our Home

Our house was built by our family. Our son Ryan Tate did most of the work on this square log built house. He had the help of all of the family, but mostly from two of his sons, Gabe and Eli. The logs were beetle kill trees from the Black Hills which he milled into square timbers. The original house of Roberts Great Grand parents, Henry and Maggie, was a hand hewn log house. One of the original cedar logs is used today in this new house.

What People Say

Perhaps you’ve wondered what it’s like to stay somewhere, where the stars shine brightly or a sky that goes on forever? I’ve stayed at the Dennis place on a few occasions.  I’ve stayed when I was single and more recently with our teenage daughters.  I can tell you that although our girls are being raised in the suburbs many many miles from Red Owl, South Dakota, on more than one occasion they’ve asked to return to Robert and Cindy’s place.     

  You might be lucky enough to hear Robert and his second or third generation, strum some notes on their guitars or maybe some neighbors might drop by and there’s a music jam out on the porch. Athough their place isn’t close to a store or shopping center you’ll learn quickly that’s okay, because nature, animals and good conversation are more important than your favorite shampoo you forgot at home.  Whatever you want out of your stay, at the very least I can promise it will be memorable.

Kristi Renner

I came to the Dennis ranch to ride and rope. They gave me a horse to ride that was perfect for me. The horse was suited to my experience level and filled in for me while I made plenty of mistakes!We gathered a few head of cattle from the beautiful South Dakota prairie and brought them into the corrals. Then we roped each calf and gave them a vaccination. The Crew was very respectful of the horses and cattle and handled them in a low stress way. They where so patient with me! Teaching and guiding me and allowing me to try and make mistakes.Then to top off an already awesome day, I got to sing and play guitar with the crew! It was a very special treat. But it doesn’t end there. After playing some music I got to look at the beautiful leatherwork Robert makes and I even found some gear to purchase. All in all it was a cowgirls dream come true!

The folks at the Dennis Ranch offer first rate western hospitality to all who stay with them or pay a visit to their ranch.

I have stayed at the ranch many times over a period of several years. The Dennis family expresses a warm hospitality and an inviting atmosphere from arrival to departure. Right from the start they make you feel like you are part of their family. It is a working ranch and the daily activities vary. These may include everything from wrangling the horses to the corral in the morning to story telling and musical entertainment in the evenings. Raymond

I have made several stays at the Denis Ranch, in summer and winter and it is my best memories of vacation. We discovered the life of a rancher. We were fortunate enough to participate in the movement of a huge herd, and, in winter, we accompanied Robert to feed the cattle in the snowy meadow. A wonderful experience of living in the middle of nature and surrounded by a wonderful family. Anne


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Our main goal in opening up our ranch and home to guests, is to share our lifestyle and how we operate this ranch. We are proud of the fact that we can now graze more livestock on this ranch, than those in the past did, all the while improving the land and livestock. We are dedicated to improving and passing this life and land to the next generation, better than it has ever been. We work 365 days a year to improve the land and provide good, healthy beef to the world. We’d like to show people how we do it.

We have plenty of room to roam and places to sleep. We serve delicious home cooked meals, with lots of good South Dakota raised beef! We are only an hour away from the Black Hills of SD with all it’s many attractions. If you want to fly in, we can arrange to meet you at the nearest airport and get you back when you have to leave us.

If you’d like to come enjoy our lifestyle for a day or several days,

contact us at 605 985 5419

Or send an email, to rdennis@gwtc.net

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