Woke up to a wet world this morning. Wonderful stuff. got a few flakes also today and some drizzle. Just what the doctor ordered. It is cool but it is supposed to warm back up in a few days. This will sure help the coughing livestock! Thanks God!

Here are a few shots Raymond and Mick got this weekend. I talked to a nice lady in Iowa the other day who told me she reads this blog often and really enjoys the photo’s so I will try a little harder to post more of them, more often. As always, clicking on the photo’s should make them larger…

15 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. Sorry have been out of pocket on personal issues. I love all your pictures and postings.
    I plan on getting money for cd in the mail next week.

  2. don’t want to bitch, but I will anyhow…………if I try to biggify the pics, all I get is a black screen………….get Mike workin on that will ya:-)

    1. Just wait a minute and the screen will turn black and then the pictures will come up….man, I got to teach you EVERYTHING? 😛

      1. Okay, I just went and tried it and it kind of work. Must be because they are someone else’s pictures…. Sorry.

  3. Wonderful stuff! I happen to be in Iowa as well, and I love coming here to read about life on your ranch. I also agree that extra photos make things a little more exciting. Thanks for the posts.

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