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Cindy had left her car to get fixed and had been driving the old Ford that i usually spurt about in… but her car got fixed and so we needed to get the other cart home, so I was up before the crow pee’d as Delbert sez’ and I hauled her in to town and then came back. I was back home before 7, even stopped and got a few things at the grocery store.

When I went out with the team and a bale to feed, I go between Chance and Hopes house and a barbed wire fence. A big piece of plastic that had originally had insulation in it had gotten away from them and was hanging off the fence. Ron barely looked at it, but Roz was pretty wary, tho’ it wasn’t even on her side. By the time we came back she was all a twitter and worried and I decided she ought to just walk by it. Ron, again, was not bothered, but this time it was on Roz’s side and she threw a fit, holding back until he was dragging her and then she threw herself towards him and forward. Silly girl! I got into the yard and went to slow down and realized she had broken the pole strap which is how the team holds the wagon back when they stop or slow down or go down hill… well not just the pole strap, but it is an integral part of the system. So I stopped, unhooked, drove them over to the horse trailer and tied them. I unhooked the broken parts and brought them in the house, made the repair and was back at work in just a matter of moments. Now, if the braking system on my tractor had failed in a similar manner, if I even survived the wreck, I damn sure wouldn’t have had it fixed and been on my merry way in minutes…. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is just one of the reason’s I prefer to feed with my team! 🙂

The groceries I got today was the fixin’s for an omelet. Made me think of quesadilla’s, so this evening I took a tortilla, smeared some butter on it, sprinkled it liberally with grated cheese, put some whole mushrooms on it, green peppers and diced onions and diced tomato’s on it, covered that with more cheese, sprinkled some salt on, stuck it in the microwave and ate it. Damn, it was good! Made another half of one, ate it and now I am stuffed!

Rod McQuery. Met him many years ago at Elko and ran across him at different times afterwords. I had him and his lovely bride out to Devil’s tower on at least two occasions to recite poetry.

Buckaroo, Marine, all around nice guy and in my thinking a genius in the way he could write and remember and recite poetry.

He recited a poem he had written shortly before, at Elko on night and had one of his fellow poets rolling off the stage in gales of laughter. The Chicken Outfit. I learned it and recited it, but never as good as Rods did…tho’ he always told me to do it, saved him the bother. It would be interesting to know how many poems he had committed to memory.

Rod was married to a lovely lady named Sue Wallis, who their neighbors had the good foresight to elect as their state rep in Cheyenne.

This past summer and fall, Rod had some time to spend on the computer and if he saw I was on Facebook, a barrage of strange, exciting and memorable conversations were had. I would laugh until I hurt at some of his insights and observations!

Rod and Bill Jones put together a book of free verse poetry called Bloodtrail, about Vietnam and the war they were both involved in. Rod was very concerned about all of the Vet’s who were committing suicide, after they returned and it continued up to this time….he told me once that many vets told him that reading this book helped them more than anything else they had ever had access to.

Peace Rod. Hope you got a great one to ride on that side…and if you don’t, you’ll just make him into one….

I hooked the team up this morning (-10 below anyway) and me and the dogs hauled them some hay up west. I knew it was gonn’a get cold, but didn’t think it was gonn’a be that cold. I kind of think my cheap thermometer might have been lying as it didn’t feel that bad. Tho’ I was bundled up and there was no breeze. Amazing how the tractor that had been plugged in for a day and a half wouldn’t start this morning but the team just took right off. Didn’t even have to warm them up, so to speak!

When I got done, I cleaned up and Cindy and I made a trek to town to do some grocery shopping and a few odds and ends. Went and looked at the tractor we are dealing on. For it’s age it looks real good and like it’s been well maintained and taken care of.

When we got home about dark I checked and the tractor started so I let it warm up while we hauled all the groceries into the house then I bundled up and hauled another bale to the cows up west. Hey, it’s Christmas Eve! And gonn’a get cold again tonight. I will feed them a bale tomorrow after Mass at 9 am and they will be happy and well fed.

And speaking of Christmas and Christmas eve, so many forget that the words are Christ’s Mass, or a Mass to celebrate the birth of Christ, the most influential and greats person ever born on this earth. 2000 plus years later, we still celebrate his humble birth out amongst the livestock. Makes me glad I can take care of livestock on a cold wintry day and night. And yes, it’s cold and many probably wouldn’t enjoy it, but tho’ it’s a small sacrifice, it puts me in mind of the Christ child and the sacrifice he made for all of us. Please take time to thank him for this, in this busy season where all the media tries to get us to think of ourselves and that we must buy, buy, buy, to show our love. Nope, it ain’t so, but as with so many things, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it!

Had some wind too… like that is news in this country! 😉

Worked on a Christmas poem today.. sent it off to a buddy and hopefully we will have a cute sketch to go with it..when it’s ready, I shall post.

Where I put the foam filler on the new door on Purple, it kind of fell thru’ at the widest point, so I went out after it warmed up some and added more. Hopefully it stuck and didn’t fall thru’ this time.

Donny brought in a couple loads of gravel to the kids trailer and some topsoil to fill in a hole where Uncle Wayne’s house used to set.

Not sure what all else I did today, but I dang sure must have done something! 😉

First night of the NFR, got the TV set to record.. hope you all get to watch it too. On GAC again this year. they did a great job last year so looking forward to tonight’s first round of 10. “Course I will probably just go until after the bronc ridin’ and then off to bed… 🙂

By the way, Hope posted this on Facebook the other day while she had Gus and Addy Bear at the Doctor’s office….

“One never truly experiences the joys of motherhood until your 5 year old son screams “FIIIIIRRREEE” and you turn just in time to see a tampon launch across the lobby of the pediatrician office…….awesome….followed by “Mom!! Did you know you had these rockets in here!!!” Love you son…”

Now that’s funny, I don’t car who you are….. 😀

What I have thought all along, use fire to fight fire… it would work…

The Wild Boars Gambit
Have you ever been chased by a wild boar? I was, once, as a kid. It was pretty terrifying. And I’m relatively certain that was a domestic hog that had escaped, and in a year or so in the forest had reverted to his natural Lord of the Flies ethos. Kept me up a tree for two hours, at any rate.

Which brings me to my sermon. Man against the State. Man against the State. Man always loses that battle. Even in groups he is impotent against a Leviathan. As much as I admire the Tea Parties, the solution is not to send like minded souls to Washington. It is a corrupting wasteland, and they will either succumb, or be voted out for not bringing that fat, sweet bacon home. Because the same Man who votes for that fiscal hawk also, inexorably, still wants his bacon. He just doesn’t want ne’er-do-wells in blue states to have his bacon. Besides, sending a Tea Partier to Washington is like sending your preacher into a whorehouse to clean it up. He’s going to emerge in drunken stupor, without his pocket watch and Bible, and with a red wax ring around his willie.

No, I think, the solution is not tilting against the windmill that is the DC blob. It is in federalism. Real 10th Amendment federalism. States against the Leviathan. We all know the Constitution strictly enumerated the federal government’s powers, and seeded the enormity of powers to the states. But Leviathan has been gobbling up those rights for 100 years, using a carrot and stick approach of funding bribes and the Commerce Clause. And each state has individually weakened, and capitulated.

But, what ho? The GOP now holds a large majority of governorships and statehouses. That election wasn’t a blowout, and the Republicans control a lot of field level power. One man cannot beat back Leviathan, but 29 governors and statehouses can. If they coordinate, and play by the left’s rules. Select specific areas where the federal government has usurped power, from education to highway construction to Medicaid allocations to, hell, drug laws, and sue the piss out of Leviathan’s minions. Sue, sue, sue. Alinsky them.

Sue the EPA, sue the Interior Department, sue the Department of Health and Human Services. Sue the cabinet members individually. Sue czars. Find sympathetic federal courts and drag those czars’ asses into court. Sue as groups of states, sue as individual states. Just file hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits. Most will be swept away by invoking immunity and the supremacy clause, but not all. At some point Leviathan will have to allocate resources. Pick their battles. Toss a few bones. Here’s a thought: if five or six western states sue to allow energy exploration on federal lands some federal judge is eventually going to give them their day in court. The Supreme Court’s mighty firewall could actually be a blessing here. Many appellate court decisions could be upheld.

Which brings me back to wild pigs. Being chased by one wild boar is a horrifying thing. Being chased by 25 could cause some serious hysteria in the Gilded City. Tip O’Neill famously said “All politics is local.” True as far as it goes. Just remember: your governor is your neighbor, even if you have to travel to the Big City. He’s a hell of a lot more local than your representative in Congress, who only comes home to run for reelection.

Here’s an experiment: form some bullshit committee committed to saving the loggerhead turtles, or protecting abused women. Call your Governor’s offices and request an audience. It might be six months, but you will get a breakfast, or a luncheon, or a photo op. This person still has to work the hamlets of Smut Eye, Alabama and Blue Balls, Pennsylvania and Santa Claus, Georgia. He isn’t that distant Senator getting his horndog on in the DC.

Ten governors and 10,000 activists could change the world. Bring that power back to the states. Neuter Leviathan. And this isn’t about “state’s rights,” or whatever euphemism passes for racism these days. It’s about taking back what belongs to our states. To us. Forget Congress. Spend a day roaming your state house. Make a few friends. Buy the aides a beer after session. Get inside their heads. Let them know you’re going forward with or without them.

We’ve lost a few states irrevocably. California’s dead as a doornail. It’s just like East Germany now. Except gays can window shop in the nude, and there is no Iron Curtain or Berlin Wall keeping sane people from fleeing California. But the Stasi is still there. The same old crowd. They just wear nipple rings now.

Jersey’s toast, of course. But even New York has Wall Street. If they can smell power devolving to Albany those greedheads will be on board. I love the pure heart of a true capitalist. When I’m not hating on them for actually being crony capitalists. Which is what they really are. They’ll merely rent-seek in Albany rather than DC. So, on second thought, scratch New York. Buy your securities in London.

I haven’t enumerated much in the way of particular issues, but I will. I’m having enough trouble writing a preamble whilst getting my damn drink on. And, oh: never underestimate a local politician’s opportunity to grab some power from someone else up the food chain. Use that as a tactical weapon. After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about being a wild boar.

Warm enough and no wind to speak of.

Chance and Hope went to town with sick kids. they were in there yesterday and Chance had strep so they got a bunch of antibiotics but none for Sam or Addy Bear…hope they get it all fixed up. Sounds like it’s some nasty stuff and the Doctor told them if Cindy and I even get a tickle in our throats to get in there quick!

I ran to Punkin Center and got some more salt and some oil for the loader then put out more bean and salt mixed. Turned the calves back out yesterday as I think their mothers are dried up. Had a couple sneak out so I am going to get some blabs and put in their noses so they can eat but not suck their mothers. We will see if that works. hate to keep anything in and feed high priced hay that I don’t have to.

Paul Larson and Ken Cook and I decided we like working together so much we’d start up a deal called Cowboy Culture South Dakota Style. we have some gigs all booked up for after the New Year and are looking for more. Here’s a link to the website and our Facebook page…!/CowboyCultureSouthDakotaStyle

We are all real excited. Please go check it out and let us know what you think. If you have anything coming up that you’d like some real western entertainment at, give one of us a holler!

Hope and I had to run into the hills to get pipe for their trailer house project today and a doc appointment for Sam, so I took the opportunity to get my drivers license renewed. I knew all the stuff you were supposed to take along (damn you people who changed our mundane lives so drastically ) so that I could do this, as my birthday is coming up in January (please send all cards with money enclosed, preferably large denominations…and condolences, to me, at my address… 🙂 )

Got to the place, Hope and kids waited while I went in. Took my number, filled out all the paperwork and waited in line. My turn comes and the lady tells me my social security card I have carried all my life is not valid…. also, seeing as I was not born in this country, I had to have my naturalization papers, even tho’ I had what I was told was a valid proof I was in fact a citizen in good standing…

I go to the SS office and they tell me that they can not get me a replacement for my card until I show them my naturalization papers…. ahhh, bureaucracy how I curse thee!!!!

We did some other stuff and stopped at the courthouse in Sturgis to try and figure out where to look for my paperwork. Katy (lovely women whom I’ve known for years and is married to one of my best friends) took it upon herself to make a call.

Short story is, supposedly they have changed things since they sent me my latest papers and the lady told her how to fix it! So…. if all works as it is supposed to, I shall be able to get my license renewed.

A thought occurred to me, on this the day we all exercise out right to vote (if you didn’t you are a wuss, a weanie and a twerp of the highest order!) that it is now harder for a legal citizen of this country to renew their drivers license than it is for a man to run for the presidency!

Also, I can not possibly see how we can have any illegal aliens here if they stop a man who has lived here since he was a small child, never been incarcerated, never hardly had even a traffic ticket ( there was that one small indiscretion late at night while driving home from a dismal calf sale with my mother as a passenger, many, many years ago) or done anything even slightly unlawful and having to go thru’ all this crap just to get to legally drive!

Wonderful writing. Check it out It’s on the list on the side now….

I went to help a neighbor ship his cattle home from summer pasture on Monday. I noticed mo stomach didn’t feel just right that morning and the further we went into the day the worse it got. when I got home, I shifted between the bathroom and the bedroom until sometime yesterday. Not fun….finally able to keep some food down yesterday evening that didn’t rush out the exit. I’ll get back to the song/stories soon….


Kelvin and I went down to the Cheyenne River for the Artist Ride on Wednesday evening. Got our range tepee’s set up and an over head line between two tree’s to tie all the horses to. We took Pilgrim, Beaver, Mijo and Squirt, as Hope and Chance and children were coming down on Thursday evening after Gus got out of school.

Daylight Thursday morning we were up and going. We loaded up Beaver and Mijo and drove up on top to a big flat where all the models saddled up and rode back and forth at mostly, fast speed as the Artist sat on a flat bed being pulled by a pickup, keeping pace, so they could get good photo’s of running horses with Calvary, Indians, old time cowboys and a few modern cowboys. We also did a few different deals with individual artist riding up and down and around on the bluff overlooking the river. Around noon, the light was bad for the artist so we all headed back to camp. Kelvin and I unhooked from the trailer, left the horses fed and watered and rove into Wall and ate a bite, picked up some necessaries for the Boy’s from Illinois, camp ( 5 guys who come out ever year prepared to model anything from Revolutionary War soldiers on up to late date cowboys.) Mountain Man seems to be the one most artist pick to depict them in, maybe as they are very good at it, seeing as several if not all used to go to hunting camp in their buckskins and cut up and pack out the elk and deer. If their skins look real, it’s cuz’ they are! Good guys and many at the ride hang out at their campsite a lot, both artists and models alike. I mean a real lot! Great hosts, and I always try to contribute to the beer cooler and maybe a bottle of selected adult beverage! They get offended if their friend try to pay for some of the beer or food you eat or drink while setting in their camp, so I just get some and some ice and dump it in their cooler. So far, they haven’t stopped me from doing so.
Cindy got down to camp before Kelvin and I got back and was setting in out camp. Later on we set up the big wall tent for the kids. IN the late afternoon when the light gets good, we saddled up and ride to the river to set up different scenes and just try to come up with things that look real and western. the artist take photo’s and then pay the models in tips. We ride in and out of the river with and with out slickers and there are cowboys and Indians, cavalry, towns folk from days gone by and some wagons and teams and this year an ox cart pulled by some ox a 12 year old boy trained himself. Great job with them too and the artists really enjoyed them. We also move longhorn cattle around and up and down thru’ the river and also a herd of horses. Artist make suggestions and once in awhile an artist takes certain model or models off to do a private shoot, which is not open for the other artists to take photo’s of. We do this over and over in different settings and clothes for four days and nights, yes there are night scenes for saloons and bath houses and about anything else from the old west.
I got sick Saturday night as did Hope and Gus./ Not surer what we ate but it was bad. I haven’t been that sick for ages. No, it didn’t have anything to do with beer or other booze.
Got the Master CD in the mail while I was gone so will be getting the new CD done and ready to ship to any and all. I will keep everyone posted who might be interested in one.

Been warmish and dry tho’ a brief rain storm came thru’ camp the other night and two artists got some real good photos of real wet and wind blown cowboys.

Hope and Cindy mostly took the kids around, all dressed up and also with a bum lamb and them artists just ate that up! Cindy even had an old time dress made for her so she could fit in. Models and families pretty much are always dressed up in old time looking or authentic looking clothes from different time periods of the west. Artist mostly just wear street clothes. And no, she doesn’t want a picture of herself in the dress on this blog! Why, I don’t know….