Warning! Adult material in following post!

http://www.fetchmyflyingmonkeys.com/2012/01/23/j-has-always-said-he-views-it-as-his-responsibility-to-mankind-to-make-sure-i-never-have-any-political-power-whatsoever-ill-have-that-motherfucker-imprisoned-right-after-the-election/#comment-36683 Copy this and paste it in your browser and go see who will get my vote! I think if we all get behind this, we can turn this nation around!!   Come on people!!!!!!   🙂

Christmas poem from Beth

Elizabeth Ebert is a friend, lovely lady and one of the best, if not the best, cowboy poets of all time. Someday I think we will erect a monument to this fine lady and her body of work. She sent me this in an email and graciously allowed me to share it here. CHRISTMAS MUSICContinue reading “Christmas poem from Beth”