For those who like this stuff

Here is a link of me and Ken Cook at Hot Springs this fall, I am doing the song that Ken started s I poem, I changed a few words and set it to music. Not the best rendition and my guitar sounds terribly tiny, but you’ll get the idea. Snowing lightly here this morningContinue reading “For those who like this stuff”

Good read on the OWS movement

Jim over at The Travis McGee Reader, as per usual, nailed it on the head. Go here; (Just copy and paste the above line into your line on top of your page then click on the arrow or whatever to make the computer go whiz, bang and take you to this excellent read.) OrContinue reading “Good read on the OWS movement”


Went up the other afternoon and helped a friend and neighbor gather his cattle up close for shipping. Then we returned yesterday morning and sorted calves from cows and sorted off anything he wanted to keep and wean, loaded the calves and came home. Fr Tyler came out a little before noon and after lunchContinue reading “Fun”