Newest Saddles and Leatherwork


LaPorte tree with cable rig with back billets and cinch, Mod Association tree, partial flower carved, monel 4 inch blocked stirrups medium Cheyenne roll, small round skirts, monel concho’s


Modified Association La Porte cable rig halfbreed for Dustin

Different styles of spur straps
Barebones saddle on old Mex tree, cable rigging
Buffalo hide chinks with carved pocket
Bare bones rig on cable rigging
Showing both sides of short rifle scabbard, pre-sewing
Old style chaps and rifle scabbard.
shell holder on rifle butt, carved side
Shell holder, one rifle butt
Chances new saddle Wade on LaPorte tree carving/basketstamp with Pulver silver conchos
Chances new saddle

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