Hope and I had to run into the hills to get pipe for their trailer house project today and a doc appointment for Sam, so I took the opportunity to get my drivers license renewed. I knew all the stuff you were supposed to take along (damn you people who changed our mundane lives so drastically ) so that I could do this, as my birthday is coming up in January (please send all cards with money enclosed, preferably large denominations…and condolences, to me, at my address… πŸ™‚ )

Got to the place, Hope and kids waited while I went in. Took my number, filled out all the paperwork and waited in line. My turn comes and the lady tells me my social security card I have carried all my life is not valid…. also, seeing as I was not born in this country, I had to have my naturalization papers, even tho’ I had what I was told was a valid proof I was in fact a citizen in good standing…

I go to the SS office and they tell me that they can not get me a replacement for my card until I show them my naturalization papers…. ahhh, bureaucracy how I curse thee!!!!

We did some other stuff and stopped at the courthouse in Sturgis to try and figure out where to look for my paperwork. Katy (lovely women whom I’ve known for years and is married to one of my best friends) took it upon herself to make a call.

Short story is, supposedly they have changed things since they sent me my latest papers and the lady told her how to fix it! So…. if all works as it is supposed to, I shall be able to get my license renewed.

A thought occurred to me, on this the day we all exercise out right to vote (if you didn’t you are a wuss, a weanie and a twerp of the highest order!) that it is now harder for a legal citizen of this country to renew their drivers license than it is for a man to run for the presidency!

Also, I can not possibly see how we can have any illegal aliens here if they stop a man who has lived here since he was a small child, never been incarcerated, never hardly had even a traffic ticket ( there was that one small indiscretion late at night while driving home from a dismal calf sale with my mother as a passenger, many, many years ago) or done anything even slightly unlawful and having to go thru’ all this crap just to get to legally drive!

9 thoughts on “Damn!

  1. As I understand it a lot of this is the result of the Patriot Act. Like I couldn’t use my cell phone inside the bank to call and get information they needed… because I wasn’t to have my cell phone inside the bank because of the Patriot Act. At least not turned on. But I haven’t figured out how to turn it off yet. (Its smarter than I am.)
    All this aside, your blog makes me curious. What were the circumstances of your birth? None of my business, just curious.

    1. Sharon, there were about 26 or 28 kids that came here in the 50’s from Switzerland and were adopted by people from this area who for one reason or another couldn’t get a “white” baby at that time. Dr Mass’a wife was in Switzerland and found all these kids and evidently no restrictions. There were 5 siblings in my family, 3 of which came to my folks and one went to a couple in Rapid City and one stayed in Switzerland. We have since all found each other and stay in touch…

  2. It would seem that those of us who try to play by the insane rules our overlords make are the lowest on the totem pole anymore. The catch is that you pretty much have to play by the rules if you have any assets or you risk loosing them. If you live off the government cheese and send most of your extra cash out of the country, you have very little to loose. Likely you just get sent home.

    You will have to excuse me as this morning finds me in a rather foul mood, I think you understand.

  3. Yes I do understand and the message I got from this past election is to start skating and let everyone else who is dumb enough to try and make a better life pay for the rest of us lazy boogers who will just eat the free cheese and smile…oh and vote for idiots like who are power now!

  4. Robert, it sounds like it’s easier for our California illegals to get drivers licenses than it is for you, a lawful citizen. Don’t even get me started on the sorry state of the Left Coast. I might go on a rant. But as for the money thing, I don’t send birthday money to anyone younger than me! You know you’re old when you start thinking those brown old age spots are skin cancers!

      1. Yes I was! And I am amazed that a good looking, young, successful , well educated doctor wouldn’t want to send money as gifts to us old, aged spotted geezers, who toil in the snow and the sun to provide the greatest food product ever, beef, money for their birthday’s…. πŸ˜‰

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