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We got both…

We pregged today. the treat was it was a real nice day and we had a great conception rate on the cattle. Out of 21 head of heifers we AI’d this summer, only one was open and we expected her to be as she was so small. Looks like there were only two or maybe three who were bull bred, the rest should be bred to the AI sire.

I pushed them into the chute, Hope pushed them into the squeeze chute and kept a tally on who’s cows and how many, while Chance caught them and Bret pregged them. ( Grett seemed to really enjoy the new palp cage I made for him to use!)

The trick part was when we were coming home yesterday evening my pickup started chugging and then quit as we got to Enning. Hope had to come get us. Today a man who works at the local Cenex went over to see if it was just the fuel filter (cheap fix) and said there was no fuel at the filter, so it is probably the lift pump ( quite a bit more expensive) or the injector pump ( a whole lot more expensive!). They are coming after it from the dealer 90 miles away tomorrow ( not cheap!)

Then today when we hooked the trailer on to Chance’s pickup, and loaded the dry cows for the sale, he only got about 2 miles from home when he had trouble. The hose on the turbo came off. Not a real expensive fix, but we had to jury rig it to get them and it back home, unload the cows and then Hope and Cindy brought a new piece out from town to fix it. Chance fixed it this evening and they and another young neighbor couple took their pickup and all the kids (6 in total) off trick or treating. So far Gramma and I have not had any little spooks or goblins show up demanding candy…

And so it goes, as Linda Ellerby used tosay….

Went well.. calves weighed good enough and brought enough, tho’ we sure would have taken more!

Beautiful morning. Big ol’ moon throw’d off a lot of light, better than the pictures show. But it was still dark enough when we got to the back side we couldn’t see a cow in the dark. We sat until we could see and then started gathering. got them penned sorted the calves off, sexed them sorted a few replacement heifer calves off, loaded them and shipped them. We are going with ours tomorrow. This afternoon Chance and I rode out and pushed ours into a smaller pasture easier to gather and closer to the corrals. Wish us luck! Another good day!

We lost an old friend around here. Squirt, a little half horse. Chance found him dead in the corral this morning….

He wasn’t real pretty, or of great conformation, but he sure made a lot of little cowboys and cowgirls happy over the years….

He was born on this ranch, out of a little Shetland mare. His sire was a half Quarter horse, half Belgian, we had raised and had not gelded as quick as we should have. He and Topsy, the little mare, had a fling and 11 months later, here was this tiny little horse walking around with this little squirt of a horse following her.

Dusty, my nephew, started him when Squirt was 2 and Dusty was about 13. I lead Squirt afoot while Dusty rode him, after a blizzard, and we went thru’ and over quite a few snow drifts to get him comfortable with a rider on his back. Not much longer after that, if Dusty pointed him at a telephone pole Squirt would try to climb it, so to speak. Once Dusty came in soaking wet as he had decided to cross the water in a creek where he didn’t think it was too deep. It was…..

Another time, I jumped on Squirt bareback to run the horses in the corral from a small trap. For some reason he decided to buck and when his butt went up, my head went forward and the his head came up… our heads collided in mid air. Some say I am hard headed… but not as hard as Squirt was! I fell off like Artie Johnson used to when he was riding his trike on Laugh In, years ago.

Squirt taught my 3 sons to ride and then moved on to the neighbors kids and then on to Dusty’s son and then on to another set of kids. He came back here a few years ago to train on my grandkids and was doing a good job.

He was never bad about bucking, but would kick up, especially in his later years when he was asked to move at more than a trot. All in all, he was a good feller…

He will be missed.

Thick frost on the windows this morning. Had ice out there this morning.

Well, the big news is… Chance and Hope are moving home. They are getting a trailer and going to set it up close to where my Grandfather had his house, north of our house. Hope andf the kids will be living with Cindy and I until they get it all set u and ready to go. Chance will be here also, when he isn’t working. He has a couple of different ways to go to for work and hasn’t made a decision yet, near as I can tell. so we have grandkids in the house. Wild times around here! I had a first this evening as I washed the hair on my grand daughter! Not sure if I have ever washed a females hair before, other than maybe a female dog at some time/Dang sure never a grand daughter! They are kind of like grandson’s, but different! this one was my best buddy when her Mom and Dad weren’t here, but now I have been thrown back to the reject pile unless we are playing or eating ice cream together! I got a feeling I am going to have lots of fun with her and her brothers in the future… I know from all the others who have been here since we’ve become grandparents that it’s, as Waddie Mitchel told me once, “A real cool gig!” Amen Waddie, it is at that!

Woke up to a wet world this morning. Wonderful stuff. got a few flakes also today and some drizzle. Just what the doctor ordered. It is cool but it is supposed to warm back up in a few days. This will sure help the coughing livestock! Thanks God!

Here are a few shots Raymond and Mick got this weekend. I talked to a nice lady in Iowa the other day who told me she reads this blog often and really enjoys the photo’s so I will try a little harder to post more of them, more often. As always, clicking on the photo’s should make them larger…

My artist friends got here Saturday morning and we had a great time. Ran the horses in and they took photo’s while i worked with some horses. We went in to eat about noon and Chance and family showed up about then, so after dinner and a battery charge for Mick’s camera, we saddled up and went up north and moved some cows around thru’ the rocks on the rocky hill and then rode over to the main bunch and worked with them some while they took pictures. We sat around after Mass and had a great visit and then again Sunday morning. Ray had to get back to Minnesota and Mick had things to do also. They left a bit before noon and then Chance and Hope stuck around until after Cindy got home from work.

Real nice weather this weekend. Got almost hot on Saturday and no real wind and then cooler on Sunday. Cool and cloudy today. Cindy and I ran down to Punkin Center and got some lumber and ate at the cafe. I worked on a saddle a bit this morning and started work on a set of buck bed for he grandkids to go in the guest room this afternoon.

I worked on leather yesterday until Cindy got home and then we ran up to spearfish, got a load of pellets for the stove and then had supper with Paul Larson. Afterwords we went over to the Heritage Center and took in the monthly show. Daron Little and Trinity Seely. Great show! Both did an excellent job. After the show we and some others we knew all went to Perkins for pie and coffee and other refreshments. Had a great time. If you get a chance to see Daron or Trinity, don’t pass it up!

This morning I hooked on to the trailer and ran up to hope and Chances and picked up the horses and Chances saddle and gear. Seems like the day kind of got away from me. Still tired from the late night and I don’t know how Cindy did it today. Said she only got a couple hours of sleep and when she got home she had to sort all the stuff people ordered at her Party Lite party which was setting on the steps.

Got a couple artist friends coming out tomorrow to spend the weekend and try and get some pictures and visit. Should be fun!

Wind finally died down and was real nice today. Supposed to be nice this weekend and a chance of rain/snow first part of next week.

Man, the wind blew today. Ain’t supposed to go down until tomorrow evening. Maybe it was from all the hot air getting blown around during the debates last night!

Worked on leather this morning and then ran down to Punkin center, paid a fuel bill and got a couple tires for the pickup. Picked up some wormer for Jake and Pip and ate then got a haircut.

Worked on leather this afternoon and got a set of tap’s done..I guess my feet will stay warm when I have to ride in the cold! 🙂

Got up over 70 today. Neighbor lady, Tonya, brought over some small cheap saddlebags she had bought that had got torn apart and we got them all sewed back together. Then this afternoon Cindy helped me and we wormed all the older and thinner horses. I kept Pip and Jake in and will worm them every day with this wormer and then give them a different kind on Friday. Both of them are thin and can’t seem to get or keep weight on. Also trimmed Tank’s crooked hoof. Looks a lot better now. Then I worked him a bit. I should saddle his snorty little butt up and go to riding him. Wish I had a young person who wanted to learn to train horses. I’d hire them for a month and we’d work horses all month. Be a good deal for them and me…

I made a new page and put all the stories behind the songs on there, so if you missed any or are just getting a CD and want to know about the stories behind the songs, check it out. It’s at the top of the page and titled “Songs”.

I am always amazed when I find someone new who reads this blog, but does not comment. You’d think they were worried I’d bit them or something! 🙂

I have gotten several checks and letters in the mail from people who want one of the new CD’s and just send me a letter with a note inside. Thanks folks. I hope you enjoy them!