Got up over 70 today. Neighbor lady, Tonya, brought over some small cheap saddlebags she had bought that had got torn apart and we got them all sewed back together. Then this afternoon Cindy helped me and we wormed all the older and thinner horses. I kept Pip and Jake in and will worm them every day with this wormer and then give them a different kind on Friday. Both of them are thin and can’t seem to get or keep weight on. Also trimmed Tank’s crooked hoof. Looks a lot better now. Then I worked him a bit. I should saddle his snorty little butt up and go to riding him. Wish I had a young person who wanted to learn to train horses. I’d hire them for a month and we’d work horses all month. Be a good deal for them and me…

I made a new page and put all the stories behind the songs on there, so if you missed any or are just getting a CD and want to know about the stories behind the songs, check it out. It’s at the top of the page and titled “Songs”.

I am always amazed when I find someone new who reads this blog, but does not comment. You’d think they were worried I’d bit them or something! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have gotten several checks and letters in the mail from people who want one of the new CD’s and just send me a letter with a note inside. Thanks folks. I hope you enjoy them!

4 thoughts on “Warm

  1. Hey Dennis, wondering if your hat worked out 4 U??? Hope it did! Let me know! Paula , Buffalo Gal Hatters.

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