Trick or Treat

We got both…

We pregged today. the treat was it was a real nice day and we had a great conception rate on the cattle. Out of 21 head of heifers we AI’d this summer, only one was open and we expected her to be as she was so small. Looks like there were only two or maybe three who were bull bred, the rest should be bred to the AI sire.

I pushed them into the chute, Hope pushed them into the squeeze chute and kept a tally on who’s cows and how many, while Chance caught them and Bret pregged them. ( Grett seemed to really enjoy the new palp cage I made for him to use!)

The trick part was when we were coming home yesterday evening my pickup started chugging and then quit as we got to Enning. Hope had to come get us. Today a man who works at the local Cenex went over to see if it was just the fuel filter (cheap fix) and said there was no fuel at the filter, so it is probably the lift pump ( quite a bit more expensive) or the injector pump ( a whole lot more expensive!). They are coming after it from the dealer 90 miles away tomorrow ( not cheap!)

Then today when we hooked the trailer on to Chance’s pickup, and loaded the dry cows for the sale, he only got about 2 miles from home when he had trouble. The hose on the turbo came off. Not a real expensive fix, but we had to jury rig it to get them and it back home, unload the cows and then Hope and Cindy brought a new piece out from town to fix it. Chance fixed it this evening and they and another young neighbor couple took their pickup and all the kids (6 in total) off trick or treating. So far Gramma and I have not had any little spooks or goblins show up demanding candy…

And so it goes, as Linda Ellerby used tosay….

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Me too Mike, but if it’s the real expensive, it will last that much longer….gonn’a have to do it to it some day! We replaced the big pump back in 05…need to get a light on to tell us when the lift pump is going bad as that is what takes out the big one, they tell me…

  2. don’t think they make a deal to give you advance warning….there’s such a close tie between the lift pump and the injector pump that one or the other is going to go out before ya have time to think about it let alone do somethin’ about it……………….the new ones are even more touchy!

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