5 thoughts on “Our Shipping

  1. Glad your Calves did good. And your preggin was really good. We are just starting our works here went down and helped some kids last weekend gather their remnants. Chance is coming home must have gotten tired of sheep. Take care

    1. Chance sez you need to come up and herd sheep with him as he plans on buying some. Nope, pretty much droughted out, the guy is selling most of his cows, probably a bunch of his sheep.

      1. Yeah I’ll have to think about that. O.k. I thought about it and No. Worked for an old lady once who ran about 10,000 sheep as soon as the subsidies stopped the sheep left. My last wife had sheep and they did make good spicy sausage. Other than that I can’t think of a good thing they did other than feed the dogs. Made good coyote bait.

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