I worked on leather yesterday until Cindy got home and then we ran up to spearfish, got a load of pellets for the stove and then had supper with Paul Larson. Afterwords we went over to the Heritage Center and took in the monthly show. Daron Little and Trinity Seely. Great show! Both did an excellent job. After the show we and some others we knew all went to Perkins for pie and coffee and other refreshments. Had a great time. If you get a chance to see Daron or Trinity, don’t pass it up!

This morning I hooked on to the trailer and ran up to hope and Chances and picked up the horses and Chances saddle and gear. Seems like the day kind of got away from me. Still tired from the late night and I don’t know how Cindy did it today. Said she only got a couple hours of sleep and when she got home she had to sort all the stuff people ordered at her Party Lite party which was setting on the steps.

Got a couple artist friends coming out tomorrow to spend the weekend and try and get some pictures and visit. Should be fun!

Wind finally died down and was real nice today. Supposed to be nice this weekend and a chance of rain/snow first part of next week.

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