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Warm, very little wind. My saddle making apprentice came out this afternoon and we got a good start on saddles. I am making one and showing him how I do it. Then he does the work on his saddle. He will be back next week it sounds like. He lives about 85 miles away and has chores and cattle to feed so it’s kind of hit and miss.

I am heading to California tomorrow so won’t be blogging for a few days unless I borrow my buddies computer. I will try and take lot’s of pictures to share.

See you in a few days…

One of those days… I woke up crabby and it just didn’t get any better.

Cold with a little snowfall, maybe an inch or real fluffy powder…

Fed cows with the tractor so i could set more bales down. Stupid piece on the back broke and fell off somewhere, just as it has done before… Stupid 3 point arms come over and run into it and it breaks… probably I will find it tomorrow tho’ why I would give a damn is beyond me as I am going to have to make new stuff that actually works and doesn’t break!

I worked on entering checks for the past year. Man, we go thru’ a lot of money with not a lot to show for it…. pisses me off that them idiots on TV don’t think farmers and ranchers are consumers. Hell we probably buy as much or more than the average. Mostly food and fuel if you are entering my checks!

Worked on the stoopid fireplace insert. Poorest designed piece of junk ever as far as I can tell. When I got wood pellets the other day i looked at another insert form a different manufacturer for about a 1000 less than what Cindy paid for this piece of junk and it was made to actually be fairly easy to work on… if I had the money I’d go buy it and take this one back to the idiot that sold it to her and shove it someplace he wouldn’t like!

I finally got it working after seemingly tearing it all to pieces and putting it back together. We had been getting pellets lately from a local source and they worked for awhile but they must not be as good as the others as they plug it. So I’d like to take the left over bags and shove them some place into the guy who sold them to me also…..did i mention I hate to wrench? One of the reason’s I prefer teams and saddle horse. they either work, I fix them or shoot them, much simpler….

Then I worked on a cheap made piece of junk saddle a lady dropped off the other day. I understand most people can not afford a custom made saddle, but this piece of crap is so poorly put together about all it is good for is riding around in a circle. Poor leather, cheap synthetic wool and poorly made…I sure hope they don’t let anyone try to rope anything off from it….

But… on a brighter note, 32 years ago today we welcomed Fr Tyler into the world. And no, he wasn’t a Fr at that time, he had to wait a bit fore that….. I sure hope he’s praying for me…grrrrr…….

Oh, and we are about out of propane so we will get to pay that bill also……..

My artist friends got here Saturday morning and we had a great time. Ran the horses in and they took photo’s while i worked with some horses. We went in to eat about noon and Chance and family showed up about then, so after dinner and a battery charge for Mick’s camera, we saddled up and went up north and moved some cows around thru’ the rocks on the rocky hill and then rode over to the main bunch and worked with them some while they took pictures. We sat around after Mass and had a great visit and then again Sunday morning. Ray had to get back to Minnesota and Mick had things to do also. They left a bit before noon and then Chance and Hope stuck around until after Cindy got home from work.

Real nice weather this weekend. Got almost hot on Saturday and no real wind and then cooler on Sunday. Cool and cloudy today. Cindy and I ran down to Punkin Center and got some lumber and ate at the cafe. I worked on a saddle a bit this morning and started work on a set of buck bed for he grandkids to go in the guest room this afternoon.

I worked on leather yesterday until Cindy got home and then we ran up to spearfish, got a load of pellets for the stove and then had supper with Paul Larson. Afterwords we went over to the Heritage Center and took in the monthly show. Daron Little and Trinity Seely. Great show! Both did an excellent job. After the show we and some others we knew all went to Perkins for pie and coffee and other refreshments. Had a great time. If you get a chance to see Daron or Trinity, don’t pass it up!

This morning I hooked on to the trailer and ran up to hope and Chances and picked up the horses and Chances saddle and gear. Seems like the day kind of got away from me. Still tired from the late night and I don’t know how Cindy did it today. Said she only got a couple hours of sleep and when she got home she had to sort all the stuff people ordered at her Party Lite party which was setting on the steps.

Got a couple artist friends coming out tomorrow to spend the weekend and try and get some pictures and visit. Should be fun!

Wind finally died down and was real nice today. Supposed to be nice this weekend and a chance of rain/snow first part of next week.

Must be fall. Cindy and I drove out around the cows this afternoon and checked for sick calves. Didn’t find any. We ran the horses in and pulled the two foals off the mares to wean them. Kept Mijo in for tomorrow when I am going to help a neighbor ship calves. We kept Squirt in with the foals to babysit them. He will teach them what hay is when their bellies get empty and he is old enough he won’t pick on them too much and will still teach them manners, gently.

I got some chaps done and packaged and ready to be shipped. Also ordered another hide for a pair of taps for a young lad.

Nice day today. Not real warm and the wind didn’t blow much. Supposed to cool off on Wednesday and heard a rumor there could even be some snow coming in. I’ll take it. we did get a lite shower yesterday afternoon while we were in at Cindy’s nephew. They had a welcome home party for him, as he just got back from being deployed in Afghanistan. Got a bit more rain last night. I’ll take it and hope and pray for more….

Got the CD’s in. I couldn’t get my scanner to work so resorted to a photo which really doesn’t even come close to doing justice to Brenda Jones Murphy’s art work which she so graciously allowed me to use. Also one of her photo’s on the back cover.

10 original songs. This is NOT country and western….this is rancher/cowboy and damn sure western!

Anyone who wants one, they are $15 and a couple more bucks for shipping. Anything over $2 for shipping, I will stand the cost, in the continental US.

So… get me a check or I can do Paypal also. Let me know….

R Dennis
17410 Indian Creek Road
Red Owl SD 57787

With the new stirrup leathers and sweat fenders I had to build for Ivan the Indian, the guy who bought the saddle with the real long legs. Occupied a lot of my time the past two days. I did run down to Punkin Center yesterday and get a gate and some metal and a few panels. I need to make a palp cage to go on the back of the chute. And I needed some panels to use as gates to shut off the sorting alley and also maybe when we preg, to go in front of the chute and sort the opens from the pregnant cows.

This afternoon I ran the horses in to check Mijo. He barely limps so must be about over whatever caused the limp. I caught and saddle Pilgrim and noticed the spade bit I used on him last time was real narrow for his mouth so tried a different one I had traded for. It has a wide mouth and fit him much better. He seemed to like it, or at least never was bothered by it. Fixed a float on a tank and turned it on and checked the other tanks. More grass down south than I had thought there was going to be. Should be able to keep these last yearlings here until after the first of October. And should be enough picking left for fat horses to winter on! Cooler, in the low 70’s. Lite breeze to slightly windy this afternoon.

With some wind. Needed my vest this morning. Didn’t by later morning. After I got the horses in I worked on the loading chute. Rebuilt the piece in front that wiggles back and forth so that if a truck is a little crooked it still hits right and doesn’t leave a gap for a critter to stick a foot thru’. Also cut up an old rubber mat and nailed it on the front of the chute on both sides so there should little to no gap when truck backs up to the chute, on either side, up and down, if that makes any sense.

I sold a saddle I built last spring and the guy has such long legs I need to build new sweat fenders and stirrup leathers for him, so I stayed in the house until Sheridan Leather opened and ordered a hide from them, so it will be the same tannery leather. While waiting I built a set of reins for a neighbor and repaired a broken one he dropped off.

After lunch (and a siesta that was shortened by a phone call) I caught Pilgrim, saddled him up, hung a spade bit in his mouth along with the bosal and rode down south and shut gates to keep the cattle a bit closer for gathering on Sunday morning. We will sort off one owners and ship them for him. Pilgrim mouthed the bit for about a quarter mile and then just decided it was plumb okay. I had hung one in him before when I was riding him, before Chance took him. (and made him skinny, the reason he is back here, to fatten up a bit. He is much better looking now) I may not let him have this horse back! 🙂

Tonight I picked a few tomato’s and we had BLT’s, mine on pumpernickel bread. Mmmmm.

I also got to see the proofs for the artwork on my new CD. I can hardly wait. It looks awesome!

Kelvin rode the Beav and I rode Woody. We took along the Aussie whip and after we found the heifer I let her know just what a whip could do. She seemed somewhat impressed but still had to test us. She was in a pasture about 2 miles long by a mile wide and we used up a lot of it coming back, back and forth and circling trying to get back to the cattle she was visiting. But she ain’t near as fast and tuff as Woodrow! We had our gates all set and we went thru’ them fast! After she got into the next pasture, she jumped the fence and broke one strand of wire we need to go patch, tho’ there are no cattle in it right now. Then she went across my pasture and jumped that fence and broke a wire. Dirty rip!

Not terrible hot this morning. Warming up a little this afternoon.

By the way, the last two saddles I showed pictures of on here are for sale. I will sell them at a good price as both are slightly used. Contact me if interested.


Kelvin and I went down to the Cheyenne River for the Artist Ride on Wednesday evening. Got our range tepee’s set up and an over head line between two tree’s to tie all the horses to. We took Pilgrim, Beaver, Mijo and Squirt, as Hope and Chance and children were coming down on Thursday evening after Gus got out of school.

Daylight Thursday morning we were up and going. We loaded up Beaver and Mijo and drove up on top to a big flat where all the models saddled up and rode back and forth at mostly, fast speed as the Artist sat on a flat bed being pulled by a pickup, keeping pace, so they could get good photo’s of running horses with Calvary, Indians, old time cowboys and a few modern cowboys. We also did a few different deals with individual artist riding up and down and around on the bluff overlooking the river. Around noon, the light was bad for the artist so we all headed back to camp. Kelvin and I unhooked from the trailer, left the horses fed and watered and rove into Wall and ate a bite, picked up some necessaries for the Boy’s from Illinois, camp ( 5 guys who come out ever year prepared to model anything from Revolutionary War soldiers on up to late date cowboys.) Mountain Man seems to be the one most artist pick to depict them in, maybe as they are very good at it, seeing as several if not all used to go to hunting camp in their buckskins and cut up and pack out the elk and deer. If their skins look real, it’s cuz’ they are! Good guys and many at the ride hang out at their campsite a lot, both artists and models alike. I mean a real lot! Great hosts, and I always try to contribute to the beer cooler and maybe a bottle of selected adult beverage! They get offended if their friend try to pay for some of the beer or food you eat or drink while setting in their camp, so I just get some and some ice and dump it in their cooler. So far, they haven’t stopped me from doing so.
Cindy got down to camp before Kelvin and I got back and was setting in out camp. Later on we set up the big wall tent for the kids. IN the late afternoon when the light gets good, we saddled up and ride to the river to set up different scenes and just try to come up with things that look real and western. the artist take photo’s and then pay the models in tips. We ride in and out of the river with and with out slickers and there are cowboys and Indians, cavalry, towns folk from days gone by and some wagons and teams and this year an ox cart pulled by some ox a 12 year old boy trained himself. Great job with them too and the artists really enjoyed them. We also move longhorn cattle around and up and down thru’ the river and also a herd of horses. Artist make suggestions and once in awhile an artist takes certain model or models off to do a private shoot, which is not open for the other artists to take photo’s of. We do this over and over in different settings and clothes for four days and nights, yes there are night scenes for saloons and bath houses and about anything else from the old west.
I got sick Saturday night as did Hope and Gus./ Not surer what we ate but it was bad. I haven’t been that sick for ages. No, it didn’t have anything to do with beer or other booze.
Got the Master CD in the mail while I was gone so will be getting the new CD done and ready to ship to any and all. I will keep everyone posted who might be interested in one.

Been warmish and dry tho’ a brief rain storm came thru’ camp the other night and two artists got some real good photos of real wet and wind blown cowboys.

Hope and Cindy mostly took the kids around, all dressed up and also with a bum lamb and them artists just ate that up! Cindy even had an old time dress made for her so she could fit in. Models and families pretty much are always dressed up in old time looking or authentic looking clothes from different time periods of the west. Artist mostly just wear street clothes. And no, she doesn’t want a picture of herself in the dress on this blog! Why, I don’t know….