Thick frost on the windows this morning. Had ice out there this morning.

Well, the big news is… Chance and Hope are moving home. They are getting a trailer and going to set it up close to where my Grandfather had his house, north of our house. Hope andf the kids will be living with Cindy and I until they get it all set u and ready to go. Chance will be here also, when he isn’t working. He has a couple of different ways to go to for work and hasn’t made a decision yet, near as I can tell. so we have grandkids in the house. Wild times around here! I had a first this evening as I washed the hair on my grand daughter! Not sure if I have ever washed a females hair before, other than maybe a female dog at some time/Dang sure never a grand daughter! They are kind of like grandson’s, but different! this one was my best buddy when her Mom and Dad weren’t here, but now I have been thrown back to the reject pile unless we are playing or eating ice cream together! I got a feeling I am going to have lots of fun with her and her brothers in the future… I know from all the others who have been here since we’ve become grandparents that it’s, as Waddie Mitchel told me once, “A real cool gig!” Amen Waddie, it is at that!

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