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Warm, very little wind. My saddle making apprentice came out this afternoon and we got a good start on saddles. I am making one and showing him how I do it. Then he does the work on his saddle. He will be back next week it sounds like. He lives about 85 miles away and has chores and cattle to feed so it’s kind of hit and miss.

I am heading to California tomorrow so won’t be blogging for a few days unless I borrow my buddies computer. I will try and take lot’s of pictures to share.

See you in a few days…

One of those days… I woke up crabby and it just didn’t get any better.

Cold with a little snowfall, maybe an inch or real fluffy powder…

Fed cows with the tractor so i could set more bales down. Stupid piece on the back broke and fell off somewhere, just as it has done before… Stupid 3 point arms come over and run into it and it breaks… probably I will find it tomorrow tho’ why I would give a damn is beyond me as I am going to have to make new stuff that actually works and doesn’t break!

I worked on entering checks for the past year. Man, we go thru’ a lot of money with not a lot to show for it…. pisses me off that them idiots on TV don’t think farmers and ranchers are consumers. Hell we probably buy as much or more than the average. Mostly food and fuel if you are entering my checks!

Worked on the stoopid fireplace insert. Poorest designed piece of junk ever as far as I can tell. When I got wood pellets the other day i looked at another insert form a different manufacturer for about a 1000 less than what Cindy paid for this piece of junk and it was made to actually be fairly easy to work on… if I had the money I’d go buy it and take this one back to the idiot that sold it to her and shove it someplace he wouldn’t like!

I finally got it working after seemingly tearing it all to pieces and putting it back together. We had been getting pellets lately from a local source and they worked for awhile but they must not be as good as the others as they plug it. So I’d like to take the left over bags and shove them some place into the guy who sold them to me also…..did i mention I hate to wrench? One of the reason’s I prefer teams and saddle horse. they either work, I fix them or shoot them, much simpler….

Then I worked on a cheap made piece of junk saddle a lady dropped off the other day. I understand most people can not afford a custom made saddle, but this piece of crap is so poorly put together about all it is good for is riding around in a circle. Poor leather, cheap synthetic wool and poorly made…I sure hope they don’t let anyone try to rope anything off from it….

But… on a brighter note, 32 years ago today we welcomed Fr Tyler into the world. And no, he wasn’t a Fr at that time, he had to wait a bit fore that….. I sure hope he’s praying for me…grrrrr…….

Oh, and we are about out of propane so we will get to pay that bill also……..

Just a breeze and up in the 40’s. Bart came and butchered a heifer for Hope and Chance this morning so I had fresh liver and onions for dinner. Just hauled the cows one bale yesterday and today. Looks like it ain’t going to last too long so I will have to feed more to them when it starts cooling off again. Cold is still kicking my butt. I wake up in the morning and feel pretty good and then it just starts to drag me down. I worked on bookwork, entering checks in the Quicken account, off and on today. did some leather work, and finally got the pellet stove to work. The auger was stuck evidently….

Cindy got her own email address and is trying to get hooked up to Facebook… the world shall never be the same! 🙂

The rural grade school kids all got to go skiing today. Chance took a day off work to take Gus. He and Bonnie and Jim Timmons all rode together. they get up there and they won’t let Gus ski with his school mates as he is 5 and has to be 6. But no one told Hope or Chance this when they signed him up. Chance was not pleased. he started out polite enough at first but then kind of had a fit. Some of the other local people there had smaller kids and Gus went along with them and learned and then just went to town skiing it sounds like. Heck, he’s got German, Swiss and Scandahoovian blood in him, ought to just take to it like a duck to water! All the boys did as did I, in my younger days. When Chance called Gus and PJ, Bonnies girl were passed and sleeping. sounds like they had fun!

I am getting another cold! Man, I tell you, if you ain’t got little school kids around you bringing all these home, count your blessing! Well, yeah, it’s great to have them around, but Gus seems to bring every new cold home from school. All during Christmas vacation, nothing and bam… just as soon as school starts up again, here come the germs! I think it’s because of all these antiseptic hand products and such. Heck, we all need bacteria… just not always the bad kind. We will be wiped out as a human race not from wars, but thru’ germs! Mark my words!


Here is a photo of Gus after he had been watching Ironman 2 and of my latest leather project, a cover for one side of the little case I carry my books and CD’s in… Cindy had been pestering me to make it look more snazzy, I hope this is snazzy enough!

I ran Cindy in to town for a dental appointment this morning and I felt so poor we just grabbed a bite and came home after…

I will be in Iowa near New Hampton doing music and poetry with Bob Peterman and Rod Nelson on the evenings of the 25 and 26 of this month. I think the actual show is at Lawler and not sure if there are any tickets left. Marty Blocker will be there as host/MC, so we will have a great time. Hope the weather is good, that is a long drive on poor roads…anyway, if any of you are close and interested in the show, give me a holler and I can find out about tickets. It’s a fund raiser they do every year back there. I am taking my buddy Paul Larson’s place as he messed up his wrist and still is not able to play the guitar good enough to perform, but he will be back at it in no time!

I will be performing in California in the first part of February and seeing my buddy Mike, who has come visited me a couple times in the past. Gonn’a be a blast! Again, if anyone is interested in going where I am going, let me know and I will get you more info…


Got up over 40 today and a south stiff breeze so lots more snow got squished down…I don’t know if it is the weather coming in or what , but I just couldn’t sleep last night…kind of dozed and then was awake so i got up and watched TV for awhile…. finally went back to bed and hardly laid there and i could tell it wasn’t going to happen so i got up again and watched more TV. Ended up watching a couple movies and parts of movies… I was still awake when Cindy got up and finally got a little snooze in until Hope called to see if she was supposed to send Sam down. I told her to hold off a bit until I called back and tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn’t happening, tho’ I was plenty tired… so I called her back and in awhile here come Sam. He was supposed to go feed with me and kept pestering me as I tried to wake up all the way, finally I put on my coat and hat and away we went. I have Knighted him and dubbed him Sir Talksalot… chatters away like a little bird and i understand about as much as the bird talk, we got the team harnessed and cows fed and I dropped him off at his house and came in and perused the interwebs… before i knew it her he come with his damsels, his mom and sister, and reminded me I had promised him pancakes…so Sam and I ate pancakes while the ladies watched and visited as hope had eaten a big breakfast and Addy Bear gnawed on a cold piece of pizza left over from the night before. She is not a pancake lover evidently…rest of the days was spent idling and thinking about work until Cindy came home. She brought me tractor tire chains so I went and unloaded them and the dog food that was left in the car from the day before…came in and started drawing out a pattern for my small case I carry books and CD’s in when i go to I am waiting on supper and then back to leather work…bet I sleep tonight!

My artist friends got here Saturday morning and we had a great time. Ran the horses in and they took photo’s while i worked with some horses. We went in to eat about noon and Chance and family showed up about then, so after dinner and a battery charge for Mick’s camera, we saddled up and went up north and moved some cows around thru’ the rocks on the rocky hill and then rode over to the main bunch and worked with them some while they took pictures. We sat around after Mass and had a great visit and then again Sunday morning. Ray had to get back to Minnesota and Mick had things to do also. They left a bit before noon and then Chance and Hope stuck around until after Cindy got home from work.

Real nice weather this weekend. Got almost hot on Saturday and no real wind and then cooler on Sunday. Cool and cloudy today. Cindy and I ran down to Punkin Center and got some lumber and ate at the cafe. I worked on a saddle a bit this morning and started work on a set of buck bed for he grandkids to go in the guest room this afternoon.

Man, the wind blew today. Ain’t supposed to go down until tomorrow evening. Maybe it was from all the hot air getting blown around during the debates last night!

Worked on leather this morning and then ran down to Punkin center, paid a fuel bill and got a couple tires for the pickup. Picked up some wormer for Jake and Pip and ate then got a haircut.

Worked on leather this afternoon and got a set of tap’s done..I guess my feet will stay warm when I have to ride in the cold! 🙂

Got up over 70 today. Neighbor lady, Tonya, brought over some small cheap saddlebags she had bought that had got torn apart and we got them all sewed back together. Then this afternoon Cindy helped me and we wormed all the older and thinner horses. I kept Pip and Jake in and will worm them every day with this wormer and then give them a different kind on Friday. Both of them are thin and can’t seem to get or keep weight on. Also trimmed Tank’s crooked hoof. Looks a lot better now. Then I worked him a bit. I should saddle his snorty little butt up and go to riding him. Wish I had a young person who wanted to learn to train horses. I’d hire them for a month and we’d work horses all month. Be a good deal for them and me…

I made a new page and put all the stories behind the songs on there, so if you missed any or are just getting a CD and want to know about the stories behind the songs, check it out. It’s at the top of the page and titled “Songs”.

I am always amazed when I find someone new who reads this blog, but does not comment. You’d think they were worried I’d bit them or something! 🙂

I have gotten several checks and letters in the mail from people who want one of the new CD’s and just send me a letter with a note inside. Thanks folks. I hope you enjoy them!

Again, both of these songs started out as poems. Written by a neat guy named Slim McNaught ( yes Slim, you should see this skinny booger!) Slim was reciting a poem a few years ago at a gig we were doing and he had stumbled on a poem he had been doing. He made the Joke, “It’s not fair, when these singers miss a line they just yodel!” So I started strumming along behind him, quietly as he started up again. When he came to this poem I just strummed along. It had a very good meter and rhythm to it, so afterwards I asked if I could try and make a song out of it. He said yes and I worked at it off and one for a year. All of a sudden a new set of chords came to me and I really liked it.

On Beyond, I just heard it the end of July at a gig and again asked if I could try to make a song. He was gracious enough to say yes, tho’ he was aware I might butcher his baby, so to speak!

Slim grew up on a ranch down near the Badlands and then worked on ranches for quite a few years until his family started growing and he went on to other occupations, so when he writes a poem he knows of what he speaks. He always has good meter and rhyme and also the subject matter is always dead on. For some reason, probably the way I pronounce the words he uses, I have to drop or change a word to make it flow easier and better for me, but again, he is kind enough to like what I have done. I hope to use more of his stuff in the future..

He also is a whale of a leather stamper and carver and he and his wonderful wife Darlene go to many of these poetry shows and set up a booth which Darlene man’s while Slim is performing. If you need some leather work done or are looking for some great stuff already made up, check them out at

Must be fall. Cindy and I drove out around the cows this afternoon and checked for sick calves. Didn’t find any. We ran the horses in and pulled the two foals off the mares to wean them. Kept Mijo in for tomorrow when I am going to help a neighbor ship calves. We kept Squirt in with the foals to babysit them. He will teach them what hay is when their bellies get empty and he is old enough he won’t pick on them too much and will still teach them manners, gently.

I got some chaps done and packaged and ready to be shipped. Also ordered another hide for a pair of taps for a young lad.

Nice day today. Not real warm and the wind didn’t blow much. Supposed to cool off on Wednesday and heard a rumor there could even be some snow coming in. I’ll take it. we did get a lite shower yesterday afternoon while we were in at Cindy’s nephew. They had a welcome home party for him, as he just got back from being deployed in Afghanistan. Got a bit more rain last night. I’ll take it and hope and pray for more….