Good times

My artist friends got here Saturday morning and we had a great time. Ran the horses in and they took photo’s while i worked with some horses. We went in to eat about noon and Chance and family showed up about then, so after dinner and a battery charge for Mick’s camera, we saddled up and went up north and moved some cows around thru’ the rocks on the rocky hill and then rode over to the main bunch and worked with them some while they took pictures. We sat around after Mass and had a great visit and then again Sunday morning. Ray had to get back to Minnesota and Mick had things to do also. They left a bit before noon and then Chance and Hope stuck around until after Cindy got home from work.

Real nice weather this weekend. Got almost hot on Saturday and no real wind and then cooler on Sunday. Cool and cloudy today. Cindy and I ran down to Punkin Center and got some lumber and ate at the cafe. I worked on a saddle a bit this morning and started work on a set of buck bed for he grandkids to go in the guest room this afternoon.

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