Last day of November

And it was a nice one. Not much for wind and temps up in the upper 30’s to 40’s. We are supposed to have some snow coming in tonight and in the morning with high winds. We’ll see. Chance and Hope shipped some cows so we sorted them off this morning and then we eachContinue reading “Last day of November”

Good read on the OWS movement

Jim over at The Travis McGee Reader, as per usual, nailed it on the head. Go here; (Just copy and paste the above line into your line on top of your page then click on the arrow or whatever to make the computer go whiz, bang and take you to this excellent read.) OrContinue reading “Good read on the OWS movement”


We are supposed to get wind and snow coming in tonight and it’s going to be more snow and wind up in the Hills where were were going to hold the event, When the Works All Done This Fall. So we decided to postpone it to another day. Maybe right after the first of theContinue reading “Dang”