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And it was a nice one. Not much for wind and temps up in the upper 30’s to 40’s. We are supposed to have some snow coming in tonight and in the morning with high winds. We’ll see.

Chance and Hope shipped some cows so we sorted them off this morning and then we each hauled a load. I just got home a bit a go and did my chores. I need to haul another load tomorrow or real early Friday morning, depending on the weather.

Fighting this cold and been eating Lysine and echinasia and I think I am winning, but all I want to do is sleep.

Worked on some leather projects yesterday. Been waiting on parts for my sewing machine and they arrived the other day. So I guess it’s time for Santa’s leather shop to get to going!

Been very nice, weather wise. for this time of the year.

I took off yesterday morning and headed to New Underwood and met up with Paul Larson and we headed for Martin. We took the scenic route, wich as a matter of fact, took us beside the small burg of Scenic on Hiway 44. On to Interior, which must have been named for being at the interior of the Badlands, slaunchwise off towards Wanblee , Lakota for eagle, and then south towards Martin. A pretty drive. Real nice country down there. It didn’t take us nearly as long as we had thought so we arrived in fine fashion. We inquired as to a place to set down and eat and were told that on Sunday mornings there was no place open to eat at, other then the snacks and such at the gas station, but that there was a good cafe that would be open at Merimman, just across the Nebraska state line, about 15 miles away, so we headed down there, to find that in fact the cafe was not open on Sunday morning. So turned around and drove the 15 miles back, located the school where the gig was being held and unloaded our gear and worked with the sound man and got the mic’s all good. Wasn’t too long and Ken Cook showed up and in a short time the crowd started coming in. The ladies were providing lunch for the people so they gave us each a sandwich and life took on a rosy glow. We did the show and had a great time and everyone but me did excellent and I found that when I have a cold there are a few songs I usually sing that I shouldn’t attempt! But the crowd was gracious and clapped enthusiastically when we were done, just like I hadn’t messed up a song or two. Of course the rest of the crew did excellent.

Marty Blocker had arrived before we started so with 4 of us sharing about, it wasn’t long and we were done. We all chatted a bit, and then headed out. Paul and I stopped at a small place and had a real good hamburger and then rolled back to the northwest following the same route, tho’ it got dark on us so we couldn’t take in the sights so well, but did see some real close ups with several deer, one being a large buck with a stately rack. Made me kind of wish I had dropped him with the car and had that rack to hang up somewhere!

I dropped Paul off at New Underwood and headed home and got here before 8 pm, roughly 13 hours after I had left. Good time, good friends and lots of fun. Hope the good people of Martin allow us to come back and do it again sometime and makes me look forward to working with these fine fellows on the 7th of January up at Beslers Cadillac Ranch.

All 3 sons and family were here yesterday. The boys and I shot trap and after I went thru’ my one box of shells, I switched over to my 22 pistol. Fr Tyler was a twerp and would shot my stationary targets with his shotgun! Oh, he let me have one shot, but then, BAM, obliteration! (He is a good shot!) But then how hard is it to shoot a setting clay pigeon at 30 paces, with a 12 gauge shotgun?!

We had a blast. Literally! I loaned my 22 out to one of the boys and went and got my Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45 and the first target, as I walked up, I just stuck the gun up, pulled the trigger and hit the target. Of course, I could not repeat this feat of derring do and marksmanship! Shot up a box of 50 and I sure need the practice. Glad I had my ear plugs in!

Kass and I made bread in the morning and Cindy had the turkey all ready, all we had to do was plug in the big electric roaster pan. Fr Tyler brought goodies we all enjoyed and Hope brought a cake she made, that was way cool. I’ll try and post pictures. We snacked all day and ate about 5 as Cindy had to work. I had cooked a roast also and made gravy when we pulled the roast out. Delicious!

I have a gig in Martin with the other musketeers, Marty Bl;ocker, Ken Cook and Paul Larsen, on Sunday. We are on at 2, but need to be there at 12:30 for a sound check. It’s a free to the public event at the auditorium in the grade school, they tell me. So if you are in the area, come on over.

Now, I need to go do something to lose some extra weight that snuck in, in the past few days!

I guess many people take this day to give thanks to God for all they have. I seem to do that almost everyday, so that’s not really my deal. Oh, I give thanks, but I do that pretty much everyday anyway. What I like about Thanksgiving is all my family coming home. My kids and grandkids. We don’t get to do that nearly as often as I like.

I always thought it was strange, when I was young, when my mother or father wanted to go to one of their brothers or sisters houses for a holiday or for no reason, other than to get together. I mean, all they did was visit and play cards. To a kid, that seemed kind of odd.

Now I get it.

I hope you all had a great time in what ever way you got to spend this day.

And especially, Thank You, to all who sacrifice forĀ  country and kin.

The other day a friend from down in the Hills called to let me know he would be in the area hunting. They had located a Walk In Area where the public is allowed to hunt. He and his father in law planned to pack in with his horse and mule, set up camp and spend the next few days hunting. I told him I’d try to get over to their camp and visit and that they were welcome to drop over here if they needed food or a shower or even a place to hunt for a couple if they didn’t fill their tags.

Yesterday I was out in the corral training on a horse and some calves, enjoying the nice day. Cindy came out to the corral to tell me my hunters were on the way. Hmmm….

When they got here they explained that they had run onto the guy who manages the land where this WIA is located and he had told them they were not allowed to ride or hunt the WIA land, they had to do everything afoot. And they were not allowed to camp there. There is BLM land nearby, but he said they couldn’t access it except afoot. He was polite and not a jerk about it.

As I understand it, there is a section line around every section of ground in this western half of the state. A landowner can not stop anyone from access, thru’ the section lines. Section lines can be closed, but also opened back up. They can make you stay on the section line and if they are unfenced you’d have to have a map and/or GPS, but in this day and age with cell phones, it’s not too difficult to find where anything is if you have the coordinates.

Walk In Area’s are privately owned ground the the Game Fish and Parks pays a fee to the landowner and then public hunting is allowed. You can not use a motorized vehicle of any kind on it. But as far as I can see, no where does it say you can not use a horse or mule. Or even an oxen if you had one and were so moved.

So they stayed here and we went on a hunt yesterday afternoon and again this morning. Other than having the father in law, not listen to my advice and being too much of an eager beaver and not following the plans on how to hunt this place, it went well and they got 5 does. They had tags for 6. So we thinned out the doe population pretty easily. Glad they got their deer and that I could help. But this WIA deal really turns my crank.

If your going to take the money, allow the hunters. And know the laws and rules. You can not deny access to anyone on property they are allowed on. And anyone nd everyone is allowed on BLM land. It is PUBLIC land. We are the PUBLIC.

All of US.

Makes me want to go over there and test the waters, so to speak, but I do not have a tag and hate to get in an argument wit a person who is managing land he does not own. But I will have a discussion with those who do own the land and see what the deal is.

At least I had fun training on my horse and the calves!

Jim over at The Travis McGee Reader, as per usual, nailed it on the head.

Go here;

(Just copy and paste the above line into your line on top of your page then click on the arrow or whatever to make the computer go whiz, bang and take you to this excellent read.)

Or you can do as I do and just go to his site most days and read his excellent musings. There is a link right over there to the left side on this blog under my blog roll.

Sounds to me like the Fleaparty is mostly a bunch of this generations excuse for filthy hippies. Like so many, they whine about wanting change but come up with no good ideas about how to change anything. Kind of like spoiled little children. “We don’t wanna go to beddddd! Why can’t I eat candy for supper??????”


Got about 4 to 5 inches of snow. But not much wind right here. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow and a lite breeze out of the south. Sounds like the roads were kind of fun, so glad we didn’t cause many people to be out on them. Cindy and I just stayed around here and kept the fire going and the stock fed.

We are supposed to get wind and snow coming in tonight and it’s going to be more snow and wind up in the Hills where were were going to hold the event, When the Works All Done This Fall. So we decided to postpone it to another day. Maybe right after the first of the year?

We got the pregging done and hauled the opens in to St Onge yesterday. I am going out after bit and feed all the livestock behind the protection of the windbreaks Sounds like this is going to be a fast moving storm and not a lot of snow. Hopefully it will get nice afterwords and melt it off and we will have an open winter with not too cold of temps. Hey, I can have wishful thinking!

Pretty nice out there today.