We are supposed to get wind and snow coming in tonight and it’s going to be more snow and wind up in the Hills where were were going to hold the event, When the Works All Done This Fall. So we decided to postpone it to another day. Maybe right after the first of the year?

We got the pregging done and hauled the opens in to St Onge yesterday. I am going out after bit and feed all the livestock behind the protection of the windbreaks Sounds like this is going to be a fast moving storm and not a lot of snow. Hopefully it will get nice afterwords and melt it off and we will have an open winter with not too cold of temps. Hey, I can have wishful thinking!

Pretty nice out there today.

3 thoughts on “Dang

  1. Darn weather….prob smart to postpone rather than someone getting snowbound trying to get there or home though.
    Keep up that wishful thinkin Robert sounds good to me!!!!! Maybe we should put in a word about that upstairs that seems to work better for me than wishin.

  2. Sorry to hear about the postponement..never can tell about the winter weather..it has been spitting snow here all week..not much for accumulations yet..2 or 3 inches. I think Winter is settling in:(

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