All 3 sons and family were here yesterday. The boys and I shot trap and after I went thru’ my one box of shells, I switched over to my 22 pistol. Fr Tyler was a twerp and would shot my stationary targets with his shotgun! Oh, he let me have one shot, but then, BAM, obliteration! (He is a good shot!) But then how hard is it to shoot a setting clay pigeon at 30 paces, with a 12 gauge shotgun?!

We had a blast. Literally! I loaned my 22 out to one of the boys and went and got my Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45 and the first target, as I walked up, I just stuck the gun up, pulled the trigger and hit the target. Of course, I could not repeat this feat of derring do and marksmanship! Shot up a box of 50 and I sure need the practice. Glad I had my ear plugs in!

Kass and I made bread in the morning and Cindy had the turkey all ready, all we had to do was plug in the big electric roaster pan. Fr Tyler brought goodies we all enjoyed and Hope brought a cake she made, that was way cool. I’ll try and post pictures. We snacked all day and ate about 5 as Cindy had to work. I had cooked a roast also and made gravy when we pulled the roast out. Delicious!

I have a gig in Martin with the other musketeers, Marty Bl;ocker, Ken Cook and Paul Larsen, on Sunday. We are on at 2, but need to be there at 12:30 for a sound check. It’s a free to the public event at the auditorium in the grade school, they tell me. So if you are in the area, come on over.

Now, I need to go do something to lose some extra weight that snuck in, in the past few days!

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