I guess many people take this day to give thanks to God for all they have. I seem to do that almost everyday, so that’s not really my deal. Oh, I give thanks, but I do that pretty much everyday anyway. What I like about Thanksgiving is all my family coming home. My kids and grandkids. We don’t get to do that nearly as often as I like.

I always thought it was strange, when I was young, when my mother or father wanted to go to one of their brothers or sisters houses for a holiday or for no reason, other than to get together. I mean, all they did was visit and play cards. To a kid, that seemed kind of odd.

Now I get it.

I hope you all had a great time in what ever way you got to spend this day.

And especially, Thank You, to all who sacrifice for  country and kin.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and Cindy! We had Matt’s mom and dad and of course the daughter came home from college and now we are all to full of food to move!!

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