More beautiful weather

Been very nice, weather wise. for this time of the year.

I took off yesterday morning and headed to New Underwood and met up with Paul Larson and we headed for Martin. We took the scenic route, wich as a matter of fact, took us beside the small burg of Scenic on Hiway 44. On to Interior, which must have been named for being at the interior of the Badlands, slaunchwise off towards Wanblee , Lakota for eagle, and then south towards Martin. A pretty drive. Real nice country down there. It didn’t take us nearly as long as we had thought so we arrived in fine fashion. We inquired as to a place to set down and eat and were told that on Sunday mornings there was no place open to eat at, other then the snacks and such at the gas station, but that there was a good cafe that would be open at Merimman, just across the Nebraska state line, about 15 miles away, so we headed down there, to find that in fact the cafe was not open on Sunday morning. So turned around and drove the 15 miles back, located the school where the gig was being held and unloaded our gear and worked with the sound man and got the mic’s all good. Wasn’t too long and Ken Cook showed up and in a short time the crowd started coming in. The ladies were providing lunch for the people so they gave us each a sandwich and life took on a rosy glow. We did the show and had a great time and everyone but me did excellent and I found that when I have a cold there are a few songs I usually sing that I shouldn’t attempt! But the crowd was gracious and clapped enthusiastically when we were done, just like I hadn’t messed up a song or two. Of course the rest of the crew did excellent.

Marty Blocker had arrived before we started so with 4 of us sharing about, it wasn’t long and we were done. We all chatted a bit, and then headed out. Paul and I stopped at a small place and had a real good hamburger and then rolled back to the northwest following the same route, tho’ it got dark on us so we couldn’t take in the sights so well, but did see some real close ups with several deer, one being a large buck with a stately rack. Made me kind of wish I had dropped him with the car and had that rack to hang up somewhere!

I dropped Paul off at New Underwood and headed home and got here before 8 pm, roughly 13 hours after I had left. Good time, good friends and lots of fun. Hope the good people of Martin allow us to come back and do it again sometime and makes me look forward to working with these fine fellows on the 7th of January up at Beslers Cadillac Ranch.

3 thoughts on “More beautiful weather

  1. Belinda and I would have fed ya. It might have been turkey but we would have fed ya.

    And did KW shoot his pickup? Thats what it sounds like in the paper.

    The Blindman

    1. I didn’t understand it to mean he shot his pickup, but I am kind of slow. thank you for the offer of food and if I had been traveling alone I had planned on stopping in. But I wasn’t. Besides, I think it’s your turn to come to MY house. 😉


      —– Original message —–

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