Good read on the OWS movement

Jim over at The Travis McGee Reader, as per usual, nailed it on the head.

Go here;

(Just copy and paste the above line into your line on top of your page then click on the arrow or whatever to make the computer go whiz, bang and take you to this excellent read.)

Or you can do as I do and just go to his site most days and read his excellent musings. There is a link right over there to the left side on this blog under my blog roll.

Sounds to me like the Fleaparty is mostly a bunch of this generations excuse for filthy hippies. Like so many, they whine about wanting change but come up with no good ideas about how to change anything. Kind of like spoiled little children. “We don’t wanna go to beddddd! Why can’t I eat candy for supper??????”


3 thoughts on “Good read on the OWS movement

  1. Asking that big corporations be held accountable for driving the economy into the ditch and reaping big profits doesn’t sound like asking to eat candy for supper to me. And whether or not I’ve taken a shower today (I did, just three hours ago, after shoveling, walking up the street for groceries, and going for a run in the snow) has nothing to do with the validity of my arguments or the perils facing our economy.

    1. Well, how about admitting that Democrats in DC and around the country love Wall Street. Wall Street gives much more to Democratic candidates than Republican candidates. So why don’t they place the blame where it belongs. And if it wasn’t for companies making a profit, they could not afford t hire people to work for them, thus really creating jobs, unlike he idiots in DC who think governments create jobs. Governments create a mess. Like we are in now. By the way, are you trying to tell me you are squeaky clean hippie? 😉

  2. Thanks, Pardner. A note like that goes a long way toward warming up the first morning of the season when we need to scrape ice from windshields around here.

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