About done

With the new stirrup leathers and sweat fenders I had to build for Ivan the Indian, the guy who bought the saddle with the real long legs. Occupied a lot of my time the past two days. I did run down to Punkin Center yesterday and get a gate and some metal and a few panels. I need to make a palp cage to go on the back of the chute. And I needed some panels to use as gates to shut off the sorting alley and also maybe when we preg, to go in front of the chute and sort the opens from the pregnant cows.

This afternoon I ran the horses in to check Mijo. He barely limps so must be about over whatever caused the limp. I caught and saddle Pilgrim and noticed the spade bit I used on him last time was real narrow for his mouth so tried a different one I had traded for. It has a wide mouth and fit him much better. He seemed to like it, or at least never was bothered by it. Fixed a float on a tank and turned it on and checked the other tanks. More grass down south than I had thought there was going to be. Should be able to keep these last yearlings here until after the first of October. And should be enough picking left for fat horses to winter on! Cooler, in the low 70’s. Lite breeze to slightly windy this afternoon.

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