Got the CD’s in. I couldn’t get my scanner to work so resorted to a photo which really doesn’t even come close to doing justice to Brenda Jones Murphy’s art work which she so graciously allowed me to use. Also one of her photo’s on the back cover.

10 original songs. This is NOT country and western….this is rancher/cowboy and damn sure western!

Anyone who wants one, they are $15 and a couple more bucks for shipping. Anything over $2 for shipping, I will stand the cost, in the continental US.

So… get me a check or I can do Paypal also. Let me know….

R Dennis
17410 Indian Creek Road
Red Owl SD 57787

4 thoughts on “Finally!!!!!

  1. We’ll need a snail mail address for sending a check. If you don’t want to publish it for all to see, send to me at my email.

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