Another nice day

Warm, very little wind. My saddle making apprentice came out this afternoon and we got a good start on saddles. I am making one and showing him how I do it. Then he does the work on his saddle. He will be back next week it sounds like. He lives about 85 miles away and has chores and cattle to feed so it’s kind of hit and miss.

I am heading to California tomorrow so won’t be blogging for a few days unless I borrow my buddies computer. I will try and take lot’s of pictures to share.

See you in a few days…

2 thoughts on “Another nice day

  1. The gent who makes my saddles runs a saddle making school, takes one student at a time , gives them room and board, and they make a saddle and breast collar. He gets people from all over the world, as he advertises on his website. There have been some interesting people through his shop over the years…. and some that are a PITA….
    Have fun in sunny California.

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