We went to war

Kelvin rode the Beav and I rode Woody. We took along the Aussie whip and after we found the heifer I let her know just what a whip could do. She seemed somewhat impressed but still had to test us. She was in a pasture about 2 miles long by a mile wide and we used up a lot of it coming back, back and forth and circling trying to get back to the cattle she was visiting. But she ain’t near as fast and tuff as Woodrow! We had our gates all set and we went thru’ them fast! After she got into the next pasture, she jumped the fence and broke one strand of wire we need to go patch, tho’ there are no cattle in it right now. Then she went across my pasture and jumped that fence and broke a wire. Dirty rip!

Not terrible hot this morning. Warming up a little this afternoon.

By the way, the last two saddles I showed pictures of on here are for sale. I will sell them at a good price as both are slightly used. Contact me if interested.

5 thoughts on “We went to war

  1. Did what work? The whip? Or the comment on Facebook. If the comment on Facebook, you have to comment on Facebook under the post, not on here Donna…. Thanks.

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