Must be fall. Cindy and I drove out around the cows this afternoon and checked for sick calves. Didn’t find any. We ran the horses in and pulled the two foals off the mares to wean them. Kept Mijo in for tomorrow when I am going to help a neighbor ship calves. We kept Squirt in with the foals to babysit them. He will teach them what hay is when their bellies get empty and he is old enough he won’t pick on them too much and will still teach them manners, gently.

I got some chaps done and packaged and ready to be shipped. Also ordered another hide for a pair of taps for a young lad.

Nice day today. Not real warm and the wind didn’t blow much. Supposed to cool off on Wednesday and heard a rumor there could even be some snow coming in. I’ll take it. we did get a lite shower yesterday afternoon while we were in at Cindy’s nephew. They had a welcome home party for him, as he just got back from being deployed in Afghanistan. Got a bit more rain last night. I’ll take it and hope and pray for more….

One thought on “Fall

  1. We have been getting rain for the last week or so, been pretty gloomy. I got the CD and I love it! Hope you get more rain, I would send some of ours if I could.

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