With some wind. Needed my vest this morning. Didn’t by later morning. After I got the horses in I worked on the loading chute. Rebuilt the piece in front that wiggles back and forth so that if a truck is a little crooked it still hits right and doesn’t leave a gap for a critter to stick a foot thru’. Also cut up an old rubber mat and nailed it on the front of the chute on both sides so there should little to no gap when truck backs up to the chute, on either side, up and down, if that makes any sense.

I sold a saddle I built last spring and the guy has such long legs I need to build new sweat fenders and stirrup leathers for him, so I stayed in the house until Sheridan Leather opened and ordered a hide from them, so it will be the same tannery leather. While waiting I built a set of reins for a neighbor and repaired a broken one he dropped off.

After lunch (and a siesta that was shortened by a phone call) I caught Pilgrim, saddled him up, hung a spade bit in his mouth along with the bosal and rode down south and shut gates to keep the cattle a bit closer for gathering on Sunday morning. We will sort off one owners and ship them for him. Pilgrim mouthed the bit for about a quarter mile and then just decided it was plumb okay. I had hung one in him before when I was riding him, before Chance took him. (and made him skinny, the reason he is back here, to fatten up a bit. He is much better looking now) I may not let him have this horse back! šŸ™‚

Tonight I picked a few tomato’s and we had BLT’s, mine on pumpernickel bread. Mmmmm.

I also got to see the proofs for the artwork on my new CD. I can hardly wait. It looks awesome!

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