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Been a few days….

Just been puttin’ around. Cindy went to the Doc yesterday. has the flu or something. Yesterday she was a zombie, today she is half a zombie….

Kids been working on their house. got the heat hooked up today. Hopefully get it all skirted this weekend.

Looked at and for tractors on the internet today. Man, they ain’t cheap! Talked to quite a few different dealers. Not sure what to do… wish we had gotten one several years back. Seems like they have about doubled in price! New and used…

Hasn’t gotten real warm or real cold. hope it stays nice… hey, I can wish can’t I? πŸ™‚

Purples new door, some snow pictures, the new trailer house and some little girl who got into her big brothers markers when no one was watching, for just one second! πŸ™‚

Purples new store

Purples new store







Made from burlap. Bad lighting so really doesn’t show them too good.


When I went to catch horses, they had escaped and went nort5h with the others, but were close enough I conned them all into the corral for grain. Decided I might as well just let them all out at night except for one to gather on in the morning. Mijo gets to be wrangle horse in the morning. Got the cows fed and then took the tractor out to push up and pick up and pile up dead trees and branches out in the tree patch north east of the house. Dean and Brad came along while I was there and picked me up as they were going to Punkin Center to eat so I went along. When we got back I went back at it. got them and started to another tree patch and I kept smelling antifreeze but just thought maybe it was blowing over the top as the tractor was showing to be getting warm. When I got out to get a gate I saw it was dripping pretty bad so I decided I better just wait before I got into trouble. When I parked the tractor I walked up and was looking to see where the anti’ freeze was coming from and found…. a stick sticking out of the front of the radiator. Oops! So now I will have to take that off and get it repaired, if I can. Dang, I was pretty careful too!

After that I went and caught up Pal, the yeller, supposed to be kid horse. Gave him his pain medicine and then saddled and went to ride out east and make sure none were snuck off by themselves having a calf. There weren’t but I decided that Pal needed some rope training so when we got back i put him in the round pen and went to messing with one of the big plastic sacks. Oh my word! Evidently when they break and train horses some places (like where this horse came from) thy don’t bother to sack them out or get them used to a rope! It was a very strenuous session for all involved and I about got wrapped up in the rope from the saddle horn a couple times. That horse can really run fast in a circle when he is scared! Eventually I quit making him pull the sack around and had him walk beside it and then over it. Never did go back to dragging it, but he was real tired, so quit on a good note and I will do more next time. Cindy came along when I was finishing up so she rode him around in there to check out the new saddle. Fits her pretty good too, looks like. I didn’t mess with Brody, as I decided I’d had enough training and I had Mass this evening.

Woke up about 5 this morning with a real, real dry throat. Must have been snoring and it felt like there was a flap of skin hanging down in there. Set up and read on the computer for awhile then went back to bed. Felt a little better when I woke up later.

Still tired from all the fun we had in Valentine! Might take a week to get back to normal, which for me is not real normal! Paul and I rode down together and when we turned south at Murdo, the wind really hit us. Really blowing hard. The next day Marty asked Paul if it was pretty windy on the trip down and Paul said, “Well, you’ve traveled with Robert before!”

Great friends, these! I’ve noticed that those who think I talk talk too much can dang sure hold up their end of the conversation and are just jealous that they can’t keep up with me! πŸ˜‰

ADHD is a weird thing!

Cindy and I drove her car down to Punkin Center (which by the way Mike said we should rename Blue Owl, then we’d have Red, White and Blue Owl and could really show how patriotic we all are) and she had her rear tires looked at. Both would got flat real slow. Each had a small nail in it. We were going to eat lunch there, but the cafe was closed as it is Native American Day in this state (Columbus Day in many others) and the Post Office was closed as was the Hair Place so I guess they thought they wouldn’t get much business. CRS was open tho’ so we got some more calf feed and some other things I needed.

This afternoon I went and worked on corrals and the loading chute ( added some dirt to the floor of it and alongside for the catwalk for the truckers) and hauled the odds and ends of old cut off poles and broke posts out. Where I put the new fence in, the old one was made of long thick glues together board called mega panels. 4 feet wide by up to 44 feet long. I have been cutting them up into assorted lengths and using them for other things., I hauled the left overs out by the old chicken house I use for a kennel and and trying to build dog pens in there, so each dog has his own and can be locked up. I had Buck and Bob in their yesterday evening and Bob whipped up on Buck pretty hard. Male dogs! Maybe females are the same way, I don’t know.

I got the gates built on my stack yard this morning also. Got some help coming Wednesday so we can move the heifers onto the north side of the road for shipping on Friday. Be nice if the heifers don’t go into the stacks.

Maybe tomorrow I can get Gramma to help me biuld pens for the dogs! πŸ™‚

Warm today and a little windy. Nice fall weather.

Went over to Punkin Center and had Norman fix my hub that wouldn’t roll on the trailer that ruined the tire. Brakes in it froze up, so there is no brake assembly in it at the moment, but the hub rolls and that new tire he stuck on there works real well! πŸ˜‰

Then went over to a friend’s, Casey, and got some old U posts from him to use on a panel I am going to build. He drives a real hard bargain. Wouldn’t let me pay anything for hem, but did let me buy him an early lunch at the Bull Creek Cafe.

This afternoon I finished putting wire on the hay corral and drove the tee posts for it. I have been looking for some of them twisty wires that you use for spacers, but can’t seem to find any. Oh well, can’t find my post puller, old set of fence stretchers or smaller post driver either. Been looking for them quite a while so I either left them somewhere, or someone borrowed them. I bought some new stretchers awhile back and I have another post driver and so far have avoided pulling any tee posts, so have gotten by, but it erks me when I can’t find things.

I found my camera. Here’s a few pictures from yesterday. Remember to click on them to embigenate.

Went up and helped Dean this morning and then this afternoon Gramma rode with me and we went south and looked at cattle. Snapped some pictures of the grass. When you see he red grass in your pasture, you know you are not over grazing (which is really a misnomer) as it is a decreaser, both little and large bluestem. I am getting more and more of it on what was traditionally late spring/summer range. I try to use all my pastures at all times of the year and try to rotate in such a way as to never go into a pasture the same time as previous years. some pastures get grazed very hard at times but I have always managed to let some hardly get grazed. The grass is so heavy now that the cattle are mashing down about as much as they are eating, which used to drive me crazy until I found out that the mashed down grasses are what feed all the little bugs in the soil, which makes the soil better, which makes it grow better grass. So it’s really just fertilizer and a way to stop water from running off and it helps your pasture and grasses get better and better. The worst thing you can do is have bare ground and we are always learning new things. Fire is a tool some use, especially in the south east where it is wetter and they have a faster recovery time. I would use fire, but you have to use it in spring to be most effective/safe and in order to do that, they tell me you have to leave a lot of old grass, which is expensive to a rancher who makes his living off the grass and forage that grows. I would like to see a few less woody plants, but I think the most cost effective way to do that would be to have sheep and goats grazing. If I could just find someone who had some and a herder for them,Β  as I am not set up with fences to keep sheep or goats here and it is too high priced for me to do it, tho’ I could do a small pasture at a time, but I still like the idea of herding better, as you can keep the sheep and goats on problem areas and more effectively get the woody species cut back.

Here are some pictures. Be sure to click on them to make them bigger.

Went out and added wire and cut on poles in the corral today. Then started work on the new corral. Got it done just before dark this evening. I will have to get more wire and add wire to the new corral later. And hang a gate. But now I will be able to harness and hook my team in the little barn in the background and drive them out and into the yard to hook up and not have to worry about anything getting out of the corral. Also, it is going to be a lot handier when we ship and sort and work cattle. Might even be pretty handy for a roping! πŸ˜‰

I drove out to the end of the tree patch where some of the horses had tried to “trap” themselves as they didn’t want to come back thru’ the corrals where I was working, and let them out. Snapped a few pictures.

Tanqu and Q Tip.

Colonel following his half sister, Sis. Punkin’ in the background. All are out of Mijo and different mares. Might get some colts out of Colonel in the sporing, seeing as it was late when I got him gelded. And SOMEBODYΒ  let him run with some mares! πŸ˜‰

Youngsters. all are out of Mijo except the smallest one, Tanq. Three are full sisters. Out of Mijo and Peaches.

Pal. Got him from a friend this spring. 8 year old gelding with some Naviculer (sp). We have been shoeing on him following a system that a friend suggested. He seems to be getting better. Matter of fact, it’s time to get a hold of Laramie and set a day to re-shoe him. He is bombproof, so will go to Chance and Hope for the boys and them to ride, if I can get him sound. Looks like it will happen.

Real nice day again. Sunny and not to warm with just a little wind. Cool this morning, but the maters didn’t freeze. I have them locked up in the greenhouse tonight.

I head to Hot Springs tomorrow for Badger Clark Gathering. Hope to see some of you there. Starts tomorrow evening with a jam at Woolies and then all day Saturday and the night show at 7 pm at the Mueller Center. Got a great line up of performers and there will be many more for the day sessions. I will see old friends and probably meet some new ones!

Oh, and that damn Bob chewed up another right hand glove while waiting in Purple while I was working on corrals. Damn that dog! Grrrrr!

Here’s what I got done today.



Also got a corner replaced that was getting pretty bad.

Still need to cut some of the ends off and also I dug some more holes on the longer stretches and have to set a few more posts so as to strengthen it, but that won’t take to long. Also I need to add more, stronger wire at each pole and post so they never get knocked down.

I still have enough poles left to make another smaller corral out behind my small red horse barn that I can use to go in and out with a harnessed team and also we can use it at sorting and preg time, for another place to put a sort of cattle.

I will have to build or buy some gates, but as usual, I always have a few corral panels around to fill in the holes until I can get gates hung! πŸ˜‰

Oh, and here is the new tent, set up on the north side of the house.

I didn’t have enough poles to set it up properly at first so used more ropes than was needed after I added the poles. Looks like we didn’t get the ridge pole set to level! πŸ˜‰

Oh well, it keeps the rain and snow out and it has a wood burner stove in it, but the chimney is not up in this photo. When my Danish friends were here last Sunday evening, the 3 men stayed in the tent. Got pretty cool, but they said the stove warmed the tent up fast.

For some reason I am tired tonight and my wire twisting arm is sore. πŸ˜‰

Sure was a beautiful fall day. Not too warm and not too hot. Just a little wind.

Other than try and stay out of the wind as best I could!

New guitar strap.

Fr Tyler came out and spent the day and the neighbor dropped in and presented me with the bill for the hay, so that is taken care of. Todd brought us some propane and I did some odds and end jobs too. Tomorrow, back to the corral work!