And the wind blows…….

Still. When I went to catch horses, they had escaped and went nort5h with the others, but were close enough I conned them all into the corral for grain. Decided I might as well just let them all out at night except for one to gather on in the morning. Mijo gets to be wrangleContinue reading “And the wind blows…….”

Not as much fun

Went over to Punkin Center and had Norman fix my hub that wouldn’t roll on the trailer that ruined the tire. Brakes in it froze up, so there is no brake assembly in it at the moment, but the hub rolls and that new tire he stuck on there works real well! 😉 Then wentContinue reading “Not as much fun”


Went up and helped Dean this morning and then this afternoon Gramma rode with me and we went south and looked at cattle. Snapped some pictures of the grass. When you see he red grass in your pasture, you know you are not over grazing (which is really a misnomer) as it is a decreaser,Continue reading “Grass”

More corral work

Went out and added wire and cut on poles in the corral today. Then started work on the new corral. Got it done just before dark this evening. I will have to get more wire and add wire to the new corral later. And hang a gate. But now I will be able to harnessContinue reading “More corral work”