And the wind blows…….


When I went to catch horses, they had escaped and went nort5h with the others, but were close enough I conned them all into the corral for grain. Decided I might as well just let them all out at night except for one to gather on in the morning. Mijo gets to be wrangle horse in the morning. Got the cows fed and then took the tractor out to push up and pick up and pile up dead trees and branches out in the tree patch north east of the house. Dean and Brad came along while I was there and picked me up as they were going to Punkin Center to eat so I went along. When we got back I went back at it. got them and started to another tree patch and I kept smelling antifreeze but just thought maybe it was blowing over the top as the tractor was showing to be getting warm. When I got out to get a gate I saw it was dripping pretty bad so I decided I better just wait before I got into trouble. When I parked the tractor I walked up and was looking to see where the anti’ freeze was coming from and found…. a stick sticking out of the front of the radiator. Oops! So now I will have to take that off and get it repaired, if I can. Dang, I was pretty careful too!

After that I went and caught up Pal, the yeller, supposed to be kid horse. Gave him his pain medicine and then saddled and went to ride out east and make sure none were snuck off by themselves having a calf. There weren’t but I decided that Pal needed some rope training so when we got back i put him in the round pen and went to messing with one of the big plastic sacks. Oh my word! Evidently when they break and train horses some places (like where this horse came from) thy don’t bother to sack them out or get them used to a rope! It was a very strenuous session for all involved and I about got wrapped up in the rope from the saddle horn a couple times. That horse can really run fast in a circle when he is scared! Eventually I quit making him pull the sack around and had him walk beside it and then over it. Never did go back to dragging it, but he was real tired, so quit on a good note and I will do more next time. Cindy came along when I was finishing up so she rode him around in there to check out the new saddle. Fits her pretty good too, looks like. I didn’t mess with Brody, as I decided I’d had enough training and I had Mass this evening.

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