Went over to Punkin Center and had Norman fix my hub that wouldn’t roll on the trailer that ruined the tire. Brakes in it froze up, so there is no brake assembly in it at the moment, but the hub rolls and that new tire he stuck on there works real well! 😉

Then went over to a friend’s, Casey, and got some old U posts from him to use on a panel I am going to build. He drives a real hard bargain. Wouldn’t let me pay anything for hem, but did let me buy him an early lunch at the Bull Creek Cafe.

This afternoon I finished putting wire on the hay corral and drove the tee posts for it. I have been looking for some of them twisty wires that you use for spacers, but can’t seem to find any. Oh well, can’t find my post puller, old set of fence stretchers or smaller post driver either. Been looking for them quite a while so I either left them somewhere, or someone borrowed them. I bought some new stretchers awhile back and I have another post driver and so far have avoided pulling any tee posts, so have gotten by, but it erks me when I can’t find things.

I found my camera. Here’s a few pictures from yesterday. Remember to click on them to embigenate.