What I did today

Other than try and stay out of the wind as best I could!

New guitar strap.

Fr Tyler came out and spent the day and the neighbor dropped in and presented me with the bill for the hay, so that is taken care of. Todd brought us some propane and I did some odds and end jobs too. Tomorrow, back to the corral work!

7 thoughts on “What I did today

  1. Wow – that is great. My son is working on his Eagle Scout and at the moment is doing the leather work merit badge. He was wanting ideas – besides the round key chain holder….same old same old. He started guitar lessons a few months ago…………….this will be perfect. If they don’t have the kit or pattern for this, would you have a pattern he could purchase or something of the like?………? Maybe different guitars would change it…..I don’t have any clue! 🙂

    1. Stephanie, this is from a pattern I drew up. Yes, I could send him one, but it might be a bit advanced for someone just starting out. This is in the Sheridan style of carving and it does require some special tools. Perhaps you’d call and we could visit about this and if he has the tools and skills to do this. I would hate to discourage him if he is just getting started. But if you feel he is advanced enough to do this, I’d be happy to send you a copy, he could use. Just get me your address or again, call. 605 985 5419

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