More corral work

Went out and added wire and cut on poles in the corral today. Then started work on the new corral. Got it done just before dark this evening. I will have to get more wire and add wire to the new corral later. And hang a gate. But now I will be able to harness and hook my team in the little barn in the background and drive them out and into the yard to hook up and not have to worry about anything getting out of the corral. Also, it is going to be a lot handier when we ship and sort and work cattle. Might even be pretty handy for a roping! 😉

I drove out to the end of the tree patch where some of the horses had tried to “trap” themselves as they didn’t want to come back thru’ the corrals where I was working, and let them out. Snapped a few pictures.

Tanqu and Q Tip.

Colonel following his half sister, Sis. Punkin’ in the background. All are out of Mijo and different mares. Might get some colts out of Colonel in the sporing, seeing as it was late when I got him gelded. And SOMEBODY  let him run with some mares! 😉

Youngsters. all are out of Mijo except the smallest one, Tanq. Three are full sisters. Out of Mijo and Peaches.

Pal. Got him from a friend this spring. 8 year old gelding with some Naviculer (sp). We have been shoeing on him following a system that a friend suggested. He seems to be getting better. Matter of fact, it’s time to get a hold of Laramie and set a day to re-shoe him. He is bombproof, so will go to Chance and Hope for the boys and them to ride, if I can get him sound. Looks like it will happen.

Real nice day again. Sunny and not to warm with just a little wind. Cool this morning, but the maters didn’t freeze. I have them locked up in the greenhouse tonight.

I head to Hot Springs tomorrow for Badger Clark Gathering. Hope to see some of you there. Starts tomorrow evening with a jam at Woolies and then all day Saturday and the night show at 7 pm at the Mueller Center. Got a great line up of performers and there will be many more for the day sessions. I will see old friends and probably meet some new ones!

Oh, and that damn Bob chewed up another right hand glove while waiting in Purple while I was working on corrals. Damn that dog! Grrrrr!

6 thoughts on “More corral work

  1. Habanero or Scotch Bonnet pepper on the gloves. My niece’s dog chewed up my boots once, I say once….this stopped him. I used it on an old pair to bait him…never thought that dog could move like that..or run that fast.

  2. The pepper powder should cure him..poor Bob he won’t know what happened. I had to use Hot Pepper powder in a paste on the log steps when Chance was stopped the chewing. He shook his head alot:)

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