Woke up about 5 this morning with a real, real dry throat. Must have been snoring and it felt like there was a flap of skin hanging down in there. Set up and read on the computer for awhile then went back to bed. Felt a little better when I woke up later.

Still tired from all the fun we had in Valentine! Might take a week to get back to normal, which for me is not real normal! Paul and I rode down together and when we turned south at Murdo, the wind really hit us. Really blowing hard. The next day Marty asked Paul if it was pretty windy on the trip down and Paul said, “Well, you’ve traveled with Robert before!”

Great friends, these! I’ve noticed that those who think I talk talk too much can dang sure hold up their end of the conversation and are just jealous that they can’t keep up with me! 😉

ADHD is a weird thing!

Cindy and I drove her car down to Punkin Center (which by the way Mike said we should rename Blue Owl, then we’d have Red, White and Blue Owl and could really show how patriotic we all are) and she had her rear tires looked at. Both would got flat real slow. Each had a small nail in it. We were going to eat lunch there, but the cafe was closed as it is Native American Day in this state (Columbus Day in many others) and the Post Office was closed as was the Hair Place so I guess they thought they wouldn’t get much business. CRS was open tho’ so we got some more calf feed and some other things I needed.

This afternoon I went and worked on corrals and the loading chute ( added some dirt to the floor of it and alongside for the catwalk for the truckers) and hauled the odds and ends of old cut off poles and broke posts out. Where I put the new fence in, the old one was made of long thick glues together board called mega panels. 4 feet wide by up to 44 feet long. I have been cutting them up into assorted lengths and using them for other things., I hauled the left overs out by the old chicken house I use for a kennel and and trying to build dog pens in there, so each dog has his own and can be locked up. I had Buck and Bob in their yesterday evening and Bob whipped up on Buck pretty hard. Male dogs! Maybe females are the same way, I don’t know.

I got the gates built on my stack yard this morning also. Got some help coming Wednesday so we can move the heifers onto the north side of the road for shipping on Friday. Be nice if the heifers don’t go into the stacks.

Maybe tomorrow I can get Gramma to help me biuld pens for the dogs! 🙂

Warm today and a little windy. Nice fall weather.

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