The continuing saga of me and the kid and gramma

Me and the kid went down south and worked on our fencing project this morning. Drove over to get a tank where the yearlings are drinking and some were out. Could have been cuz’ somebody left a gate open! I won’t mention any names but he’s in hot water….. We had the dogs with us,Continue reading “The continuing saga of me and the kid and gramma”

Me and the kid…

Went out in Purple this morning and went around some fence. Found a corner post that needs replaced and several other little projects we are going to have to get done between branding’s and cattle work. We drove over to Punkin Center and got some salt and mineral and oil for the windmill we hadContinue reading “Me and the kid…”

A whole bunch of females to deal with….

Been going to branding the last 3 days. Almost to the point of not being fun…. Nahh! It’s still fun! Got the last of the yearlings in yesterday. Mostly heifers.I took Bob and Buck and moved them up in to Harry’s tonight. Here’s pics. Click to make them grander… 😉 Sure was a nice day.