Me and the kid…

Went out in Purple this morning and went around some fence. Found a corner post that needs replaced and several other little projects we are going to have to get done between branding’s and cattle work. We drove over to Punkin Center and got some salt and mineral and oil for the windmill we had to fix this morning. Cable broke, but the big tank was full so we turned it on and them yearlings had plenty of water. We went ahead and fixed the cable as I had some wrenches with me. Then this afternoon/evening we rode down south and moved the yearlings on further south. They wanted to follow Gabe and Beaver, so I sent him on ahead as the lead steer and it was pretty and a slick way to move yearlings. He done real good for a 7 year old! ‘Course, he was riding a real good horse! šŸ™‚

We had a real good stiff breeze out of the south east so it helped. Got warmish this afternoon, but is cooling off now. Supposed to get into the 80’s tomorrow. Sure was muggy from the rain. Must have got about an inch out of this last one.

Had to laff at one point as Buck the wonder dog was just setting near the cattle and I looked over and there was a yearling heifer just a sniffing all over him. Had her nose right on his hair! Why he let her is beyond me, but I guess I hadn’t told him he could, so he didn’t!

We have a branding tomorrow. My saddle was still real wet and I wanted to give Mijo a day off so I rode the old man, Woody. Gassy, goofy ol’ poop, but all horse!

Peaches had a colt with her this morning. Sorrel with a big ol’. star and lots of white over the nose. Ain’t too sure she didn’t get bred while at Chances last spring…. At least it’s a colt and not a filly! I sorted them off and put them behind the house and let Woody and Squirt in with them so Woody can “protect” them! šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Me and the kid…

  1. Good post. Enjoyed yesterdays too- pics really added a special touch. Looking forward to hearing about Saturday’s branding.

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