I got the tractor going the other day but it was low on hydraulic fluid so there was no power steering. Filled it up and it still didn’t want to work, so I did some other stuff. Then in the evening I thought I’d try it again as it has done this before in the winter and after you run it awhile it will start working. So I drove it out to move part of a bale for the e bull and steer, using the brakes when I had to turn and all of a sudden, bang, it went to working. I think I need a clean filter for it and will get one next time I go to Rapid.

So I went out this morning and took the disc and went to disc the tree patch again and while merrily discing away, the old radiator hose that is going bad gave up the ghost. I shut it down and walked home and have been fixing some fence in the yard to keep horses on some grass I don’t want to have to mow. Besides, there is all that stuff growing in the trees we can’t mow. I will pick up a new radiator hose on Friday along with a filter. I need to run in and go to a studio in the afternoon and start recording some of these songs. Hopefully I will have a CD by this late summer/early fall.

Brandings this weekend if it don’t rain us out ( I hope, I hope!)

I did move the pairs and steer up into Harry’s yesterday. the fogs were a LOT of help, yeah, sure they were…….

Starting to see a few little grasshoppers. I hope they drown!

Fr Tyler was out on Tuesday. Brought us gifts from Poland. Mostly, he rested…

8 thoughts on “Dang

  1. We used to have an old loader tractor without power steering. Just couldn’t not be turned unless it was moving, or the driver was an Olympic weightlifter.

    What kind of tractor is it? Old tractors are easier to fix, which is a good thing because they usually need it more.

  2. We have a 1066 that does that especially if its cold, found out if park it with the front a little lower than the rear it will steer sooner. There is a plug that the IH dude showed me to take out to get the oil to flow bud what a mess.

    1. Thanks Carl, I will try that….got a new filter for it today., Now if I can just install it!

  3. That is an old tractor, but a good one.
    When I was pretty little we had an old black pickup. Dad called it a Binder. That’s when I learned that nickname. Brings back good memories.

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