Blizzard warning

Supposed to get a good amount of snow and wind starting with the snow tonight and running thru’ Wednesday morning. So I decided that the cows down south ought to come home. It was about 16 this morning when I plugged the tractor in, thinking I might need it to lure the cows in withContinue reading “Blizzard warning”

Happy Birthday Chance

Our youngest son’s birthday. don’t remember too much about the day he was born in 1985. Seems like the weather was nice. he was supposed to be a girl, but wasn’t. He was coming breech, right up until almost that day. He was in no hurry to do it the way he was supposed to.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Chance”

What a nice January day!

Got the snow melted down to soft ice and water. Must be our January thaw, but it’s been so nice, I didn’t expect it to get better! Supposed to stay like this for awhile too. Great! Dean stopped in for a visit and tea this morning. We had tea and a good visit. I hadContinue reading “What a nice January day!”

Another glorius day!

Sun is shining and there is just a very lite breeze. Only those who have gone thru’ hurricane force winds can probably appreciate a calm day, to the best effect. The horses were in getting a drink when I went out so I caught up the team and Gramma and Spike rode along on theContinue reading “Another glorius day!”

Wet, windy and SLIPPERY

Wow. got a little rain last night and maybe some snow and when you walk out there, you wish you was sharp shod. Not too cold, tho’ that wind has a bite to it, but I about fell down several times as the snow is real slippery from the rain . It’s in the 30’sContinue reading “Wet, windy and SLIPPERY”