The continuing saga of me and the kid and gramma

Me and the kid went down south and worked on our fencing project this morning. Drove over to get a tank where the yearlings are drinking and some were out. Could have been cuz’ somebody left a gate open! I won’t mention any names but he’s in hot water…..

We had the dogs with us, so we shut the gate and put the lost little dears back in with the other yearlings. They were thankful and thirsty…

I took the tire off the trailer that SOMEBODY ruined while coming back fro a branding so we drove to Punkin Center to get a new one put on and ate at the Cafe while that was being done. Then this afternoon, me and the kid saddled up and moved some pairs farther west. The kid rode Beaver and done good. I swear if that boy got to stay here all the time, why I am sure I’d make a heck of a hand out of him. He’s already talking about riding colts that I snub!

We are going to a branding tomorrow.

Windy today and there is rain coming this way. Hope it’s a bunch, but I will take any amount. Yeah, that’s the kind of guy I am…..

3 thoughts on “The continuing saga of me and the kid and gramma

  1. I will give you some of our rain! Open gates, not good. I am always asking the kids if they shut the gate.

  2. Good relationship JB. I’m reminded of Proverbs 17:6 and I know you’ll identify.” Children’s children are the crown of old men”…
    Thanks for the Gabe posts. Glad you got some rain. Very dry here.

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