Went out this morning to plant the rest of the garden. there is a Carrigana tree/shrub growing on the south side, in bloom and the leaf cutter bees and bumble bees were really working on it so I tried to take some close ups.

After we got the planting done I drug hoses out so I could water the trees behind the house. Then ran the horses in and saddled Beaver and took Buck and Bob and went up to Harry’s and brought the yearling heifers home I am summering. They were typical silly girls, running and playing and looking and then running again. I got most of them moved out of the first pasture and then went back after the rest. After I got them all bunched, thy kind of had their run over and were getting warm, so they behaved much better. Here they are strung out and headed towards the corrals at home.

After I penned them I sorted one of Chances off that was in with them then kicked them out in the hog pasture and across the road. they went good and spread out grazing. I think I will celebrate with a siesta!

Little breeze and in the low 80’s I guess. Feels warm, but in a month it will probably feel cool….

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