Me and Beaver and Buck and Bob went and moved yearlings this morning. roped and doctored 3. Bob and Buck didn’t help much at that job but did stay the hell out of the way. and then they did help to get them back up after I was done. The way I rope, they are pretty tired by the time I catch them and tie them down, so they are not real quick to jump to their feet! 🙂

But moving the cattle, Bob and Buck sure paid for a lot of dog food!

My shoulder is so sore from some tendinitis ( that I am trying to get the doctor to call in a prescription for me so Cindy can pick it up) that I can barely think straight. Sure didn’t help the roping any, tho’ it is in the left shoulder. Hey! I need an excuse, okay!!!!!!



Cool partially cloudy day with the wind picking up. Got about a half inch of rain last night! Praise the Lord!