Nice day

Started out kind of cool and some wind but it slowly went down all day. By this evening when I rope up north to move some heifers it was almost calm. Real loverly evening.

I took the spade and cut burdock off at the roots around the shed and corrals this morning. Made me sweat! Then I went to Punkin Center and got some bean for the bull and steer and some mineral for the other cattle. This afternoon I put a longer spoon in a spade bit i have. the longer the milder. Doesn’t seem right, does it? But when you think about it, all that length and the extra copper wrapped braces help the horse to hold it up off the bars of his mouth and the longer spoon makes it easier for him to feel the slightest change in the reins. Mijo seemed to rally like it. He was chompin’ and had his moth foaming…

When I came back from moving yearlings this evening I rode thru’ the cows and two had calved. We are slowly whittling them down…

Pictures. Don’t forget to click to embigginate…

If you look close, you can see two cedar trees on the bank, in the picture with Buck getting a drink. I planted them quite a few years ago. They sure grow slow, but at least they didn’t die like most I plant!

4 thoughts on “Nice day

  1. Yeah, I found some iron about the same thickness, cut it our roughly to the shape I wanted, welded it on, and ground it down to the shape I wanted. The old spoon was very short and a bit too wide to fit good.

  2. Slippery slope my friend slippery slope. First you start out making a little modification here and there next thing you know you are spending any money you can hide from Cindy on tools and building bits, spurs, knives. Where will it end? ;D

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