Another nice day

But it looks like the wind is going to come up this afternoon and by midnight really be howling1 Supposed to be some rain with it too. I sure hope so, it is getting dry and the wind has really dried out the grass. Still, a nice spring, but seems like a slow start…

Here’s some photo’s of the last few days. Click to make them BIG

2 thoughts on “Another nice day

  1. I hope it also produces rain for you! We get rain for the week then the weekend hits and we get lovely weather! Supposed to do it again this week. Great pictures, I love seeing the bones.

  2. That wind was something blew up only a quarter inch of rain is real dry. Looks like Buck is working out just fine. I am sorry I cannot identify that flower in your corral..might be something that came in from a garden someplace..bird poop spreads some plants:)

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