Warmish again…

Up in the high 90’s the last few days. Cooler coming tho’ , it looks like.

I took Beaver and rode south and doctored on some yearlings. All that easy, nice, don’t run the livestock, while doctoring the other day? Waste of time it looks like as I think all the ones AI doctored today were ones I doctored the other day. Guess I just got to move them out and get the abscess in the foot broke open.
I had the bright idea to have Buck run one for awhile to save on beaver but it didn’t work. Typical Border Collie, he just wanted to get ahead of them and stop or turn them. Should have took Bob along. Now there is a dog who will case a cow! 🙂
Went out this late afternoon after it started cooling off and hooked up the mowing machine, but a few weeds and some tall grass in the yard and then went south and mowed down some thick patches of buck brush. See if it will help more grass to grow. Not sure if I should go rake it up into piles or what, but with the price hay is probably going to be I probably ought to go load it and make a stack out of it for winter feed. Hey, you never know, if the snow is deep enough they’d probably eat most of it…
I made egg sammiches for supper with chocolate milk… good stuff Maynard!
Need to get up early and go north tomorrow and help a neighbor work some cattle.

One thought on “Warmish again…

  1. It has been pretty darn warm here also, hasn’t gone below 85 during the day for quite some time, and now we are getting the dry spell. We have gotten rain but not much you can really sneeze at that is for sure! Grass and weeds come in handy in a pinch, when you are a– deep in snow!

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